Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PUSH Day 4: Not your mama's resolution

oWhenever I think of New Years resolutions, I instantly think "health and fitness" goals. I have health and fitness goals, but I've been working on them for a long long time now (2 years?).

Though I talk about it all the time, I didn't really include it in my list of 10 goals for the week. Why? I already exercise 6+ days each week.

Two of my 10 goals does relate to fitness though: #3 and #5.
  • #3: I am a fitness instructor.
  • #5: I participate in 5Ks on holidays.

I don't consider this the same as the usual fitness resolution.

Since Chalene is in the fitness biz, of course we have to focus a little on health and fitness. For day 4, I have to write SMART (Smallest, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Time-Sensitive) goals for goals #3 and #5.

I'll address each separately.

Let's tackle goal #5 first since I've gotten a head start on it: I participate in 5Ks on holidays.

I ran the week of Christmas and this week and biked outdoors in between. I've already begun. I started with 2 miles and increased to 3.1 miles/5K. So honestly, I've already run a 5K, but I know I'd love to run it faster and to actually participate in an event.

SMART goal:

  • Run 5Ks 2xs each week - that means I'm running this weekend!
  • Get down to 8:30 min miles


  • Accomplishing something I've never done
  • Cardio
  • Time to listen to podcasts
  • Time outdoors - come on, I live in sunny So Cal!

Goal #3: I am a fitness instructor.

SMART goal:

  • Try 2 new exercises each week

Kettlebell, I'm coming back for ya. Tabata interval training also sounds interesting. I also need to learn how to use machines. I do have a free personal training session. This may include classes like CrossFit or step, which I haven't taken since I first got back - just couldn't find the right instructor.


  • Changing my regimen and getting better results
  • Finding workouts that are more effective for my injuries
  • Challenging myself :)
  • Being present in my workout
  • Gaining/learning to gain self-confidence at the gym again

What are your ongoing health and fitness goals?

What workout format intrigues you? I'm still afraid of CrossFit. It's a challenge I'd like to take this year.

What is the hardest workout for you? Even before I ran, I knew it wasn't as bad as spin. However, I love to bike outside and even on the indoor bike... just not in the class.

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  1. Great goals! My ongoing health and fitness goals are to drink more water, try new fruits and veggies and start weight lifting more often. :)