Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 17: Memories

I complained, but I looked good then. ~125 lbs is where I need to be.

Where I am now is too much, where I was at my lowest was too little.

This was like the perfect mix of fitness and happiness.

I was a size 9 in pants. I was a small in shirts. That always happens. Why should I strive to be a 5 when that's not my natural/ideal body?

What were my habits then?
  • 5 days/week of exercise
  • Eating everything in moderation

Be this girl. Remember these pictures. Enjoy life.


  1. Just out of curiosity.. how tall are you? I found your blog and was looking around and it seems like we have many similarties fitness wise. (i'm 5'3 and currently 113-117 lbs. this seems like a good weight for me , but I gain weight in my hips too )

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    2. You're right - I'm 5'3! I'm teeny at 113. 117 is okay, but my face looks ridiculously bad. It gets wrinkly and devoid of any fat. :/