Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eat [your heart] out Saturday

Last night, my family had spring rolls for dinner. I had shrimp and Miracle noodles wrapped in romaine.

I told you I wore a mu-mu. Here I am eating an oatmeal ball I concocted last night. Easiest recipe. I had 2 then 1 more in the morning.

Post-workout (boot camp-like class) mini meal: G-free cinnamon bread and 2 egg whites microwaved in a cup - can you tell from the shape?

I snacked on a Schweddy ball I made last night. The recipe yields 3 balls.

An hour later, I went to Bowl of Heaven for their grand opening and received a free small North Shore acai bowl.

Lunch consisted of a half of a half chicken avocado Caprese from Deli-licious. Unfortunately, half a sandwich is ALMOST as expensive as a whole one. I could've given the other half to someone! Anyways, it's good and the rest is for dinner.

A few bites of my side of mac and cheese because this is what I indulge in. That and a sample bite of cupcake. :)

To wash it down, half of a huge can of Zevia cream soda.

I got back home, am watching "The Dark Knight," and got a package in the mail.

I just need batteries.

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