Monday, January 2, 2012

Free body and spirit

No ifs this morning about going to the gym. I was even kind of excited. I remember when I never asked for a rest day and was happy to go. It didn't feel like a chore. My behaviors then weren't healthy, but I sure did love working out. It was fun.

I tried to encapsulate that fun today by taking Zumba. I hadn't planned on it. I expected hoards of people at the gym, but they must've been hungover and starting their resolutions tomorrow. I showed up right after 9 and got into the class! Previous to today I had to be there a whole hour early!

I danced my heart out and tried to work up a bit of a sweat. I'm getting a little rhythm back, but I want more hip hop and less Latin dance. Maybe hip hop on Tuesday will remedy that. I used to be one heck of a dancer before I became so stiff in spirit. I think it has both to do with my body and my spirit - goes hand in hand.

BodyPump afterward was so hard though. Getting my hip adjusted will be so beneficial! My squats are majorly sucking and I hurt my back sometimes.

I got through it and wasn't looking at the clock or waiting for class to be over.

I realized I painted my nails my favorite color and the same color as my bag!

Later I was talking about gifts I get. Besides money, I get some bad presents. I once got an ugly beige-brown bag that was too wide, too short, and had a big circular handle. It was so horrendous that I can't give it away.

Just recently, I got a button up shirt that's brown and white flannel, like a cowgirl. While I like the cowgirl look, I rarely wear faded brown, and that's exactly what the purse and shirt were. I'm way colorful and I like my colors bold. I'm a fan of jewel tones.

Second thing: I like designs as well but I'm super specific. I like some polka dots but others look too preppy. I like some flannel like a royal blue and purple shirt that has the thicker flannel texture.

I received a beach towel for a birthday. I wanted one that year but got one that horrendous. :( it was super wild with sunglasses and smiley faces. Okay, yes, I love color, but I'm not 5 years old.

So there it is. Don't buy me presents. I always buy them myself because it seems most people just don't have a clue.

P.S. This crazy customer who brings I a color wheel to shop and does dress well came in and told me my nail polish color was beautiful. She had also previously commented on my royal blue sneakers and jacket. Win.

Whoa. Off topic there. Okay, so I made lunch: low carb tortilla with a slice of turkey and jalapeƱo almond cheese + green beans.

Snacked on almonds before work and did a bit of walking around. I even walked extra to a store a block away.

Pretty flowers around a sign.

Worked and starved, I had myself some stewed carrots and fermented veggies of some sort, plus oatmeal with fresh strawberries.

And the nightly apple with peanut butter. Of course.

Here's to hoping the gym isn't super packed tomorrow. I need to plan more Zumba.

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