Sunday, January 15, 2012

Workout my core and my roots

So far so good. I liked Maria de los Santos' other book (Love Walked In) so much and couldn't decide on another one... and The Devil in the White City is a bit too serious for me right now. Usually, I like to read a different book in between a series, but I tried and failed.

*I've heard great things about Hunger Games (who hasn't?), but I'm sure the wait for it (from the library) is extensive.

I also borrowed a few movies along with books from the library. Last night, I finally had a chance to delve into them. I started with "The Brothers McMullen," which was pretty light and easy to watch into the night.

I didn't set my alarm this morning because I intended to do a self-made workout. I woke up early-ish anyways and had the chance to make barre and Zumba classes so I decided to go.

I blended my Shakeology this morning. It yielded more liquid than if I just shook it. It's quite fascinating and also tastes much better.

Since I have a month's pass to barre, I went today. Its been a long, long time and it burned like crazy. I started sweating and shaking a bit. I loved the ab moves and the work on my inner thighs towards the end.

I rushed into Zumba right after barre. I took Zumba couple of weeks ago at the gym, but I didn't like it much. Today's class gave me a little high and I wanted to do more. My body was loose, which it hasn't been, and I could keep up with the moves. I liked the instructor's mix of cardio and dance.

Zumba comprised my first group fitness classes. It was easy for a newbie and I became a fanatic. Sometimes I went to 3 classes a day. I think my record is 4. I got sick of it though and went onto a more intense workout, kickboxing. I still love it and think it continues to challenge me, but I want to go back to my Zumba roots because:

Loose body = less uptight

...and okay, I'm a little lot uptight.

In addition, I'm in search of more, inventive cardio/strength workouts. Last night, I bought a interval timer. The colors are limited and though I like green, it's some kind of sponsored one. Instead, I got pink like BodyRock.TV's Zuzana and Fitnessista.

Workouts I found that I'll be enjoying soon:

Post-workout meal:

Now off to enjoy another day OFF! It's a bit overcast again, but at least the rain has subsided.

Have you tried a new class/workout? CrossFit is still on my list, once I finish my month of barre and Pilates. Otherwise, I will be stretching myself too much and not use my one month pass enough and boy, do I want to maximize a good deal.
How do you plan your strength training?
I know some track their strength training. I write mine down, but as you can tell, I'm not focusing on increasing strength. Rather, it's a result of toning up. :)

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