Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's currents

Hm, I was ready to do a Friday Five when I saw that there was none! Instead Virginia did a little survey and I thought I'd get in on it. It's also a way to share my Pinterest!

Current book:

I'm working on Belong to Me, which I am definitely reading tonight since there is no movie to preoccupy me.

Current playlist:

  • "Good Feeling" Flo Rida
  • "Promise" Romeo Santos
  • "Lovumba" Daddy Yankee
  • Anything by the awesome Bruno Mars
Current food:

I just finished up my favorite before bed combo of a Fuji apple and peanut butter!

Current favorite color:

I painted my nails a plum color. It's a little more serious than my minty/pistachio green or electric blue.

Current favorite show(s):

I watched "CSI" twice this week. Always one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, I haven't kept up until now and Catherine Willows will be gone as well.

Current needs:

Sleep! I didn't get enough last night and didn't take a nap today.

Current bane of my existence:

My PM job/a particular supervisor. Oops, did I say that. That's why we're taking a break.

Current celebrity crush:

The whole cast of "Raising Victor Vargas." I loved this movie last night. It was shot in the early 2000s but was reminiscent of the late 80s or early 90s. The story was cute, and I felt like I was transported to sweaty, hot Brooklyn.

Current indulgence:

Gluten-free goodies from Sensitive Sweets!

Current outfit:

I am totally wearing a mu-mu. I bought it for my aunt so it's huge on me. I wish I could say I was wearing this to bed though:

...and definitely this hair

Current excitement:

Buying a silver Sharpie for this purpose:

Current mood:

Tired but probably not needing any coffee.

Current favorite verse or quote:

Current favorite app:

Fooducate lets me see what scores it gives my favorite foods. I'm always disappointed that I don't eat better, but this helps me see why the food I eat isn't as great as I thought. It also gives alternatives.

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