Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best day ever?

I only have to be at work for 2 1/2 hours, and no work tonight!

I slept in till 8(!) then went to cardio sculpt fusion, which is always something different. Today it was boot camp with cardio kickboxing moves and lighter weights. We did chest exercises and I totally felt them in all the right places - I had to hold extra dumbbells to get enough weight though. The cardio was rough today. I was feeling it deep in my lungs.

Check out the weather today!

Warm, sunny weather makes me happy and gives me energy. *I'm almost out of gas so I drove my mom's car. :)

I did the twisty bangs again and it worked wonderfully for my workout.

And I got a tweet from Sensitive Sweets concerning still warm gluten-free mango muffin. I took a bite and will save the rest (best tip).

Post-work, I have to take my car to get new brakes. While we wait, we're going to Costco and maybe I'll go to TurboKick or Pilates tonight.

Do you have any suggestions for very easy hairdos? How do you wear your hair to the gym?

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  1. Curl your hair with just a headband! :) Although you look silly, it's so easy to do. I learned this through pinterest... but here's the youtube video:

    I usually pin my bangs back or wear a headband... Then tye it up. Occassionally, I will braid my bangs and then clip them back. :)