Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 2 of WIAW!

One hour later... I'm up from my nap. Yes, another nap. It was short this time.

I'm off to run some fun errands like return a DVD ("The Ides of March" was indeed good acting even if I didn't know what was going on half the time), go to Trader Joe's (because I love it so), and... get my date on with "CSI." Yeah, I planned myself a mini-date this weekend.

And now for...

Dinner: green beans and salmon... I think this picture is upside down. Can you tell?

I also had some un-pictured mac and cheese from Whole Foods. I only ever eat at their salad bar on Wednesdays when it's $2 off. Otherwise, I find it way too expensive for mediocre food.

This afternoon, I tried a Halo bar. I chose the honey graham flavor, and was rather disappointed. The honey flavor might've been too real for me. I only ate half of it. :( Maybe the other flavors will be better.

Other eats today:

What are your favorite bars?
Have you tried a Halo bar? If so, what are your thoughts?
You should do a What I Ate Wednesday!


  1. oh i wish those bars were Gluten Free! Been dying to try them. They just sound heavenly!

  2. Oh yeah the honey flavor is my least favorite. I recommend the smores first then rocky road. Its cool you finally found some though!

    1. I just bought S'mores and Rocky Road and will let you know how they are!

  3. You PB snack wrap looks tasty! I love the idea of adding berries

  4. I made your PB wrap today..ohmyword.