Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy/over it

Glad the day's over. Its been a rough day.

My kids have finals this week, and we're working hard to bring those grades up. I came home with a grade print out for a student with a D in math. Guess what? We can get that up to a B even if he gets a ZERO on the final. Hopefully it's not required that he needs to pass the final.

Thank goodness for corrections. Aren't those insane though? I never got to do as many corrections as I wanted, even on tests!

I came home after 8 hours of work to do our science final study guide. I typed it up and we're working on it more tomorrow.

I love it. They hate it.

Now for the reason I'm glad the day is over. I had to work with the most hated supervisor. I wasn't dreading it, but she made it pretty terrible. She made me take the trash out twice and clean the bathroom. Too bad I suck at cleaning bathrooms so she just lost out on that one. It was tense the entire shift, we barely talked, and she was not happy with me eating sardines. :)

Kath raves about them on her blog every once in awhile and even yelled out to Bob Harper so I finally bought a can at Trader Joe's.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I actually forgot my phone! Since I've been busy, I haven't noticed... and I have my laptop tonight.

P.S. Happy New Year from my family! I came home to kitschy dragon balloons.

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