Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TMI: Celebrate real talk

Let's celebrate!

First off, I'm having lady problems, which is good. TMI, but I've missed my period for a long time and finally had it last month for one day. I've had it for two days thus far and it's real.

I was a bit sluggish today, all day. I took a quickie nap after work before heading to Zumba. The instructor was a former classmate. She is totally fun and taught a great class. The movements were big and we incorporated weights.

The most fun came from a song I learned in a Bollywood class.

I ended up not going to hip hop cardio.

I realized I didn't have enough protein so instead of eating my PB + banana + blackberry wrap, I made myself some Miracle Noodles spaghetti with turkey pepperoni. It does have a little more sodium than I'd like though. I ended up having half the wrap and saving the rest for tomorrow. My cousin also donated 2 of his pork dumplings to my tummy - he made some good ones!

I'm catching "The Biggest Loser," which is touching. Inspirational quote of the day:

"Your biggest competition is in the mirror. Are you going to let the new you beat the old you?" - Dolvett

I also rented "The Ides of March" for later.

I actually ate lunch at work today. I was starved! I made a spinach salad with chicken & avocado mixed together, cranberries, and spicy Asian peanut sauce on the side.

Have you ever missed a period and you weren't pregnant (of course)?
Do you dance? What kind of dancing do you prefer?

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  1. oooOOo that bollywood dance and song is catchy! I wish I were a good dancer~haha! And I'm very happy for you and the "lady problems" breakthrough! It's always a bit alarming when a woman's period doesn't happen. My friend has been having that problem for a really long time and I'm a bit concerned, but still hoping she'll make the right choice and go to the doc!