Monday, January 9, 2012

PUSH days 7-9

Day 7

What is success? Happiness. No fear where I am. Being glad to wake up every morning and ready for the world!

How to change my environment? Put all the trash in my car in the trash bag. Make sure everything is in its correct bag. Yes, I have like 3 bags in my car. Toss out anything I don't need - roll of gift wrap??!

Day 8

  • Research CrossFit gyms
  • Look up chest exercises
  • Google exercises to replace squats
  • Research fun runs and 5Ks
  • Find out what I can buy with my kickboxing voucher
  • What is Tabata interval training?
  • Write a Tabata interval training
  • Call FV for personal training session
  • Write chest exercises
  • Hike Peters Canyon
  • Do a kettle bell workout
  • Take a step class
  • Try machines at gym
  • Add 5 lbs on legs
  • Sign up for a fun run and 5K
  • Not sure, but maybe take pictures of self.
  • Buy a few new clothes

Day 9

Daily to dos, for Tuesday, January 10th, which will be recorded on my phone.

Don't you love that sleeping in is on this list?

Here's my breakfast: salmon, spinach, broc, a few hint of jalapeno tortilla chips, and chipotle cranberry salsa.

What is your definition of success?
Do you make a to-do list? Is it on paper or on your phone?

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