Sunday, January 22, 2012

Work(outs) you do or don't do

I slept a good 8 hours, which made it tougher to get up and workout. I used to be a PM exerciser. I used to be an AM and PM exerciser. Now I just do it in the mornings.

I got up and immediately saw Carrots 'N Cakes' post: How to Motivate Myself to Exercise, and heck, I had to get up and go. How do I get up to workout every morning?

1) If I think too much about it, I will talk myself out of it.


2) I feel better the rest of the day.

3) You will only regret the workouts you don't do. This is the biggest one!

4) The rest of my day wears down on me.

5) It's my first win of the day, and I can recall it when I'm feeling down.

6) I promise myself almond milk in my Shakeology instead of water. Big deal right? It's a little treat for me.

I've also tried going to sleep in my workout clothes. Not that weird. My little cousin sleeps in the clothes she'll wear to school tomorrow. At least sleeping in workout clothes is more comfortable.

I went to barre fusion. The instructor was late and came in tired-looking. We skipped weights, which was fine with me since my shoulders were killin' me. We headed straight to the barre and it was killer! It's the only workout that leaves me feeling weak. Though it should and as the instructor says, I should be shaking because that's how I'll change my body. Still, it's hard not to feel a little sad. My inner thighs quivered uncontrollably as I tried to squeeze the teeny ball. I need one of those - my inner thighs need some work!

To maintain my ego, I went to Zumba. I love the instructor! So much fun and I still have some wiggling moves.

After the fun, I came home for a shower, a Schweddy ball + corn + 2 egg whites + G-free cinnamon bread.

A few errands then I'm off to work. Ew. I'll get over it. I still can't really bend my knee, but I can work out... thank goodness. Is that crazy or what?

When do you work out, and why does this work best for you?Working out is part of my healthy lifestyle. I don't think about whether I will or not, but when.

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