Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm hardcore... or at least medium-core.

I got to sleep in till 8 and slowly made my way to the gym. I picked the one without classes this morning so I could use the group fitness room.

10 minutes on the stair climber before I got a little bored. I started sweating a good bit and the girl on the stair climber next to me left... and we were just starting to be workout buddies. Okay, not really, but it was fun pretending we were working out together. :)

Good news: my feet didn't hurt this time like it did last time I stepped by on the climber, and I probably could've kept on going.

I set up this before the stair climbing.

Step, stability ball, two mini plates, and 3 sets of dumbbells (5, 8, and 10 lbs)

I wrote out my workout late last night, right before bed. I had Fitnessista's Schweaty November workout and Blogilates' Powerflex workout written down.

I ended up doing the Powerflex workout as shown below. See, I put a check mark next to it. I'll save the other one (marked with an X) for next time.

I like this workout because it combines cardio & strength, and is easy to set up.

I modified my mountain climbers with mini plates. I used them to slide in and out. I find that I'm able to actually do mountain climbers this way. Otherwise, I kind of suck at it. Also, it burns my abs and inner thighs, and leaves my back alone. I love/hate it. I like sliding around and feeling the burn. :) I'm hardcore.

I did a few other exercises on the stability ball: sit-ups, back extension, alphabet abs (failed). I also added more sets of chest cause those aren't workin' the chest like I want them to - I had to play around with different weights and bench positions (flat vs. inclined).

In the end, I got in a good workout on my own time. I shied away from the second workout (Fitnessista's) when more people started coming in to stretch. I hadn't done it before and had to keep referring to the notes, plus I didn't have a medicine ball on hand.

Share your workouts! They help others, like me! :)
Do you like burpees and mountain climbers? I love burpees now, and am trying to learn to love mountain climbers.
What's the hardest move for you?
Star squat/jumps are ridiculous. My feet scrape the floor as I jump out. I'm working on it though. I did get better at air jumping jacks, which are pretty much the same but my feet are already in a wide position.

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