Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giving up BodyPump

Sounds crazy right? I know lots of people in the blog world love BodyPump, but after today's session, I'm giving it up for awhile. I came out defeated and in pain. I felt like I wasted an hour even though I felt great after back and lunge tracks.

Initially, BodyPump helped me get in shape. I was once able to feel all these exercises working. I wasn't working with much weight then.

It fails to do anything for me anymore and I've plateaued with my weights.

Results are now limited to rockin' shoulders.

It aggravates my shoulder. My shoulder takes all the brunt in chest, tricep, and bicep tracks, and it's painful, particularly my left shoulder. After chest, I have to continue with the workout because I'm in the class.

I consulted the BodyPump instructors for help with form. I took the suggestions. I do them and nada.

Then, I talked to my favorite personal trainer, Sarah.

Problems we considered with BodyPump and my body
  • Extended time with the bar
  • Upright rows, though we haven't done many of these as of late
  • Higher reps are more for endurance but can aggravate weaknesses or injuries
  • Consistency of BodyPump exercises
  • Wanting to keep up rather than listening to your body
  • Do some overhead presses with dumbbells. Use a weight I can do for 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets. That should help with strength in the shoulder.

I already know heavier weights increase strength, but the bigger power to it is the focus. Always think about the muscle you're working. That used to work in BodyPump too.

I'm working to formulate my own workouts and thus, be self-motivated. My workouts will then require me to think all the time and take my time.

Wish me luck in this journey. Tomorrow, I'm doing a 30/30 strength and cardio workout.

Yesterday's mountain climbers with plates proved that I can struggle through the pain and rock it. Woo, another exercise defeated! :)

On another note, eating more happens when I eat a PB & banana sandwich and hint of jalapeno chips. Oh man, so good.

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What workouts have you broken up with?
Have you discovered anything salty to snack on?

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