Monday, January 9, 2012

Eat more, and other obstacles

Really, it sounds like I'm insane. While most of the world is trying to eat less, I'm here thinking I should eat more. Because many days, I work out then I'm on my feet all day... and truth, I eat less than 1200 calories per day. Its been 1.5 years of this cycle and I'm breaking it.

Check my last post. I was eating more when I lost weight the healthy way.

I also was engrossed by Matchstick Molly's blog and this picture in particular:

I had exercise bulimia and anorexia not straight up bulimia, but I find these symptoms to be similar.

Today, I quickly explained my story (in less than 1 minute) as though it part of normal everyday conversation. One of my students mentioned she had to eat more because her mom was afraid she would be sick again. Not your typical sick. Anorexia. It seemed so casually thrown in there, and I casually threw back my response. We can both feel normal and kindred now.


I loved this post because people who suffer from what have are still thin. Well, what happened to me? I'm almost overweight again!

I was eating way too little. My body burned my muscles for the fuel it needed. My body fat percentage went up. My metabolism slowed down to hold onto energy required for times of starvation.

Working out is one thing, but like everyone says, nutrition is the big thing.

How did I fare today?
  • 8:15AM Shakeology Greenberry mixed in 8 oz water
  • 10:30AM 8 or so medium shrimp, honey goat cheese, & salsa over spinach + 1 serving hint of jalapeno tortilla chips
  • 2:45PM Hummus, spinach, slice avocado, & 2 egg white sandwich (low carb bread)
  • 3:30PM Siggi pomegranate-passion fruit yogurt
  • 8PM Fuji apple + 1/2 c. Quaker oats w/ cranberries
  • 9:45PM Cranberry sage turkey & Laughing Cow light Swiss on La Tortilla Factory low carb/high fiber tortilla
About ~1226 calories according to MyFitnessPal.

I was hoping for pizza for dinner but had partially raw Quaker oats instead. My boss didn't get us pizza like she said she does every time we work late. :( I was sad, but I was even more pissed and wanted to scream at the other supervisor I worked with tonight.

I was offering the most service I could, yet she always finds a way to give me more "advice." What's this called? Oh yeah, a know-it-all. Formerly wealthy know-it-alls are the worst.

I'm sick of acting dumb and innocent at work. I did that last year when I felt like I could never do anything right so the act I put on was the best course of action. Or get in trouble, and that's not appealing.

Maybe this will motivate me to study for and take the one tough exam I need for my CA credential.

Okay, wish me luck on eating tomorrow and getting myself out of retail. Luckily, I'm only in retail part-time and thus, it's still fun. At least it's better than my last job. Preschoolers suck. High schoolers rock.

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