Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lazy or tired?

Call me lazy, or call me tried, but instead of creating an arm workout, I'm taking a PB Fingers workout:


She's so fit and this looks like everything I can and want to do tomorrow pre-24SET.

I will create some better ones Saturday to do on Sunday and beyond. I wonder if we have Bosu balls at the gym... I haven't seen them there. :(

Nor have I seen kettlebells and I love those too.

Work was superbly tiring. First time I went to both jobs in weeks, and I'm doing it again tomorrow.

After work, I picked up some Biscoff spread. Trader Joe's has been out of their cookie butter for days.

I craved oats with some Biscoff spread so I made a package of cranberry-ginger and swirled in some Biscoff.

I need some cookie butter recipes as well as some oat recipes. Here are some:

For now, it's basketball time though it keeps shorting out. Blazers vs. Lakers isn't an interesting game so it's okay.

  • Pre-workout: 1/2 MoJo peanut butter pretzel bar
  • Post-workout (9:45AM): chicken + broc + corn
  • Post-work (2:30PM): 2 slices turkey + goat cheese + spinach on low carb tortilla, Chobani apple cinnamon yogurt
  • Snack (3:15PM): 1/4 Sprinkles cupcake shared!
  • Snack (8PM): 1/2 apple, 10 raw almonds
  • Snack (9:15PM): cranberry-ginger oatmeal with Biscoff spread!


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  1. I love bosus too and always try to instruct people to use them like the girl in that pic. To many people stand on the squishy side and injure their ankles it's not good! And snagging a workout isn't lazy at all - not working out would be!