Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Live like a RUNNER

"Train like an athlete, and you'll become one." - Chalene Johnson in PUSH

I've always loved quotes such as that one. I think the other one goes something like, Live the life you want. To me, that means instead of living my life as is, I live as though I've already accomplished everything. Well, that's tough when I want hot clothes and can't fit into it properly, but for many other things in life, it works.

I want to say I've run a 5K so instead of going to the gym today (and saving the class for Friday because it's the same week to week), I went to the park. I walked for half a mile then started running. I kept my posture up to prevent upper back problems and went for 2 miles... then 3.

It wasn't fast. It ended up being like 9 minutes per mile, but hey, this is me! In high school, I never ran a full mile. Of course, I didn't run in college. I ran a mile on the treadmill last year. More recently, I ran 2 miles around the block but was winded.

Fear conquered. It was just starting to get warm when I finished and cooled down with another half mile of walking.

See the glow of sweat?

I caught up on Joy the Baker's podcast. I haven't listened to it in forever - I'm still a month away from 2012 on it.

After work, which was strange because its been 2 weeks, I went to the chiropractor. My massage was cancelled, but I go back tomorrow for it and to see my x-rays.

Here's the verdict:
  • My arches have fallen. This wasn't always the case until more recently, and affects my hips and knees. That explains a lot and my balance has been sucking as of late.
  • I have some bunions. Ew. I never knew what they were...

  • We did a test by hand and using a machine and found that I had some inconsistencies in my neck and L4, both of which favor left. My L4 is so bad that it's 119% left. Apparently, the L4 is connected to the hip.

After looking at my x-rays, I'll get an adjustment and a massage tomorrow.

In the meantime, I bought arch support to try out.

I also found new-to-me Chobani flavors: passion fruit 2% and blood orange and apple cinnamon 0%. I was so excited! I ended up not getting the passion fruit this time though.

I can't wait to try them! :)

Time to shower and have dinner.

Food for the day:

  • Chobani 0% lemon - my favorite thus far
  • Chicken & broccoli
  • Almonds
  • 6" low carb tortilla w/ MaraNatha crunchy PB & 1/2 banana
  • 3 bites on vegan mac and cheese
  • 1/2 (the frosting part) mini Charlie Brown cupcake - I won a large Charlie Brown [PB cupcake w/ PB frosting] at Pinky's Cupcakery but gave it to my cousin since... that's a lot of sugar!
  • Cranberry-ginger oatmeal packet
  • Strawberries & apple

Do you run? If so, how did you start?

Have you had foot problems?

Any Greek yogurt suggestions?


  1. aww hope your feet feel better!! I always had no arches, so there are days when my left foot kills me! I wear customized arches when i can, and it really does help! Take care of your 2 precious feet, hehe~ and thanks for dropping by my blog!! Not sure where you mentioned it, but are you still in the OC? It's always so cool to find people from the same area :)

  2. What a great quote! I'm going to keep that in mind today at bootcamp :) I feel the same way about my 9 minute-ish miles! In high school I was happy when I ran 1 mile...I'm excited to keep following you and see how fast you can get eventually!