Monday, January 9, 2012

Fake it till I make it.

My last post really brought some memories. Good ones. And I wasn't sad about having gained weight. I was happy that I could look like that. Geez, I have to say, I was hot. :)

So I did some research into what I had done then. I found meals I ate. I ate the same thing pretty much all the time. I didn't have many options, and I'm finding that it's pivotal to success.

Chalene Johnson says it in PUSH. She eats the same thing over and over again till she gets sick of it.

I started by packing my lunch tonight, similar to something I ate back then: a sandwich with hummus, spinach, and instead of turkey, eggs.

Today's breakfast:

Yesterday's meals:

I packed this for work: hummus, avocado, turkey, and spinach in a low carb tortilla.

I also worked out less. Five times a week maybe. That will be the hard part to give up actually. Instead, I'm going to give up

When I lost 5 pounds in March on my trip home, I worked out less though I consumed lots of green juices and raw foods as well.

I did 10 minutes of the stair climber because I hate it. It hurt my feet a little. Maybe it's this particular machine. Then I completed Circuit One of PB Fingers' Strength Heavy Circuit Workout.

Sleep more. I was in bed by 11 every night. I worked out at night or anytime because I enjoyed it so I got to sleep in, but I do enjoy working out in the morning more.

Do my nails. Get my hair cut. Upkeep ya know. Fake it till you make it.

And find a book. I used to read a lot and do crossword puzzles. Those are coming back.

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