Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stress less

Weather permitted and I did Tone It Up! Bikini Body Max Burn!:
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 burpees
    20 lunges
  • 5 minute jog
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 dips
  • 20 lunges
  • 5 minute jog
  • 20 second plank on hands + more!
  • 20 tummy tucks
  • 5 minute jog
  • 20 bicycle crunches + more!

I definitely wanted to do this outdoors since I want to get my miles in (uh yeah, I run sometimes). Also, I can't imagine running on and off the machine to do the exercises. Call me shy.

Starting off was hard without a decent warm-up. The workout was quick and short, but running just kills me regardless. The pain was compounded by the residual effects of yesterday's Spartacus workout and tomorrow's big one will require I rest a little today.

I ran around the neighborhood, which is only two streets and is a cul-de-sac. The first time took me 5 minutes so instead of using the interval timer app on my phone, I just ran as hard as I could before returning home. I can't wait for my Gymboss timer to come - the app on my phone was subpar.

While running, I saw some sidewalk chalk art. I recalled my childhood and having fun outdoors with the neighbor kids. Thankfully, it did not, until now, remind me of the preschoolers from last year. Ick.

I have no idea what that is... any guesses? It looks like it was done by older kids.

Breakfast was difficult. I was starving and pretty much wanted to eat everything! I couldn't figure it out so I had 2 egg whites with salsa, broccoli, and 1/2 a low carb/high fiber tortilla with melted almond cheese, hummus, and some bits of chicken.

Yesterday, while at Costco, I toyed with the idea of buying a yoga video. I was in the zone with my workout yesterday and couldn't finish in time for yoga. I always need a good stretch and release. The ones available at Costco included some Rodney Yee yoga DVDs and Jillian Michaels' vids, but I have enough of those.

I found these reviews from Fit Bottomed Girls, and since I've agreed with them in the past about other workout DVDs, I figure they were a good go-to source. Maybe Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior - I only have one of his DVDs vs. 2 of Jillian's.

Yoga sounds relaxing right now...

Speaking of de-stressing, I'm taking an impromptu few days off my PM job. It's been super tough mentally and since I had a long break from my AM job, I figured why not take a break at night? It will allow me to appreciate it when I get back. Plus, bending my knee hurts and standing hurts so I have to shave some standing hours somewhere...

I got a package in the mail yesterday. No more Greenberry for me! Okay, I still have to finish it off, but I get to enjoy chocolate again.

Do you take mental health days? At my last job, I only ever took days off for mental health. I'd go in dying physically, but would schedule days off my mental health.
What's your favorite way to do yoga (not in a studio)?
I've never done yoga without being instructed in a studio.
What's on your plate when you get super hungry?
Somehow, I realized I always have eggs and some sort of quesadilla on the side.


  1. Eggs are my go-to as well because they're super tasty and quick! Everyone needs mental health days. I feel physically healthier and refreshed after a few days off. It's just hard for me to take those days off because sometimes I feel guilty!

  2. If my boyfriend isn't home and I need a meal for just myself, then I usually also turn to eggs. A poached egg with slices of tomato, salt, pepper, and buttered toast is usually what I go for. When my boyfriend is home and we don't know what to have, then it's usually something like stirfry or tacos.

    Mental health days are important! I will either save one of my days off to just focus on me, or combine it with something else physical so I don't feel as bad.

    1. I always take the day to make a class I usually can't go to.

  3. I'm a Tone it Upper and Shakeology lover too! YAY