Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenging morning

Challenging morning. I went to bed with a towel rolled under my neck and it prevented me from sleeping on my side all night. I don't know if I'm adjusting myself and the pain is part of that, but geez, I woke up with neck pain. Thankfully, the pain subsided after awhile.

Overall, it was just hard to get up. I got a full 7 hours of sleep, which may never be enough, and headed to the gym bright and early.

25 minutes of the elliptical and off to BodyPump. Though I love it, I'm starting to have doubts about it. I'm using my wrists and forearms a lot more than my biceps and triceps, and does it show!

Maybe it's correct grip. I read this tweet:
Common fitness mistake: Not creating enough tension. Grip the bar/dumbbells tight. Contract your muscles. This WILL make a difference - @BornFitness
I'm totally following him now.

Maybe it's the length - BodyPump is what some call cardio lifting. You can't max out because the tracks are long.

Maybe it's the urgency. Trying to keep up with the workout is stress in itself. I'm not listening to my body by doing that.

I have upped my weights over the past six months, but I feel like it's very slow coming.

Solution: Plan strength workouts for myself. More details tonight.

Read this: Morning Workouts: You Can Do It - I used to pack all my things before and wake up much earlier. This can be done. Starting tomorrow!

I'm off to work fueled with chicken + broc + corn. Long day ahead so I've packed all my meals!

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