Monday, October 31, 2011

Splash of color in the kitchen

November goals

  • Seek help. See a physician. See a dietitian. Make a friend.
  • Read. Diary of An Exercise Addict. Slow Love. Love Walked In. The Help. West of Here. Spirit Junkie.
  • Go out. Hang out with friends. Go to things.
  • Eat more. Drink more water too. My goal is 1200 calories per day. That may sound insane, but I don't consume that much and I haven't for quite some time. My body has shut down so it's time to get it back on track. I fear it may come with weight gain, but once I fix my body, I can lose weight more healthfully. I did it once; I can do it again.
  • Rest more. Once at least. Twice sometimes. This should be easier with the holiday season and probably some cancellation of classes.
  • Be a better person. Be a better daughter. Love is eternal and I need to love back. This month is my mom's 57th birthday and I'd like to do something nice for her and my other family members. :)
  • Pay bills. Pay credit card bill. Pay cell phone bill. Get that done did with my paychecks. Still be in the hole, but I'll be okay in the months to come.
  • Then continue to learn to spend less.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin pie = tofu + pumpkin - eggs - crust

Though I made a batch of Pumpkin Whip Dip with a container of Cool Whip Lite and then added pumpkin to my yogurt, I had leftover pumpkin.

When I was at the store yesterday, I saw tofu on sale and an idea came to me. I've seen recipes for pumpkin pie with tofu. I had pumpkin pie samples at Costco Friday and all of it came together to produce an idea: tofu pumpkin pie.

But wait! I didn't have crust.

Then, I found the perfect recipe: no crust, no eggs, no problem. I didn't want to use eggs, but I was willing to use Biscoff cookies, or my Trader Joe version. I even had exactly 12 cookies left to make Chez Bettay's Crustless Vegan Pumpkin Pie!

I put a dollop of Pumpkin Whip Dip on top.

My little cousin tried it and said, "Just like Costco." So it does taste like pumpkin pie!

Halloween and then it's November!

I need to incorporate a ton more veggies into my diet. I did that tonight and feel sooo bloated. It'll go away though I hope.

Monday, October 31 HALLOWEEN
pre-workout - 1/2 c. Fage 0%
*20 mins elliptical, TurboKick
brunch - homemade orange chicken, spinach
afternoon snack - apple apricot raisin filone, faux pumpkin pie!
dinner - Clean & Perfect Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
nighttime snack - PB & Chocolate Puffins!
read - Diary of An Exercise Addict
watch - "Addams Family Values"

Tuesday, November 1
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito: low carb tortilla, egg whites, spinach, spicy black bean dip, faux pumpkin pie!
afternoon snack - pumpkin & pistachio fro-yo, pork meatball, PB Puffins
dinner - homemade orange chicken, spinach
nighttime snack - apple w/ PB
read - Slow Love
watch - "Water for Elephants"

Wednesday, November 2
*Slim in 6 Burn It Up
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito (200)
afternoon snack - Chobani black cherry (140), Isabella's The Paddy Cookie (150) [490]
dinner - salmon, broccoli (200) [690]
nighttime snack - apple (80), Chobani strawberry (140) [910]
read - N/A
watch - "Crazy Stupid Love"

Thursday, November 3
pre-workout - Chobani lemon (140)
*20 mins elliptical, BodyPump
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito (~200) [~340]
afternoon snack - 1/3 c. Fage 0%, 1/2 serving Puffins (~100) [~440]
dinner - In N Out hamburger with ketchup & mustard instead of sauce (~325) [~765]
nighttime snack - apple (~80) [~845]
read - Slow Love
watch - "Green Lantern"

Friday, November 4
pre-workout - Chobani (140)
*20 mins biking, 24SET
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito (~200) [~340]
afternoon snack - Greek yogurt single (140) [~480]
dinner - salmon, broccoli (~200) [~680]
nighttime snack - apple (~80) [~760]
read - Slow Love
watch - "Captain America"

Saturday, November 5
breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - at work! :)
afternoon snack - Fage 0%
dinner -
nighttime snack - apple
read - Slow Love
watch - "Cafe"

Sunday, November 6
breakfast - oatmeal
*bike from HB to Newport Beach
lunch -
read - Slow Love
watch - "The Client List"

Bad for you made good

Homemade orange chicken, which basically means fresh orange juice over chicken breast with a bit of some sort of flour/egg mixture. Stir-fry.

Weekend in pictures

Protein pancakes for dinner last night.

Brunch just now: dragon fruit melon green tea, apple apricot raisin filone with fig butter and brie, 1/2 c. Fage 0% with 1/4 leftover banana

Reading & harvest pumpkin latte this morning

Apple apricot raisin filone from Whole Foods.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

PUSH it!

Bought & joined "Team Richards!"

Wicked, the play

I want to see this and may do so...

Besides the dogs & owls

I love the mid-century look of this living/dining room!

I just don't know why there are 2 dining tables...

(images from Apartment Therapy)

No snow

Snow would be a wonderful excuse for staying in bed, but no, it's already sunny and I was reluctant to get out from under the blanket.

On today's agenda, farmer's market, workout, library, and... not so sure.

This was my first time to Orange Home Grown. It's a small farmer's market, but they definitely have unique vendors. Today, they had free coffee and baked goods from Chapman University. I needed the coffee!

I also loved that they have a banging logo.

I picked up Sweet Lilikoi's chocolate croissant to try. I was drawn to the design of the packaging and the beautiful crafted pastries. I've always wanted to try a chocolate croissant too. The chocolate spilled over and made chewy crusts of chocolate on the sides of the croissant. Then there was the big surprise, the secret pocket of chocolate in the bottom. I just though the bottom was thick, but NO!, a piece of chocolate stayed intact in the bottom. Maybe if I heated it up, it would have been more delicious.

I found the closest 24 Hour Fitness in Orange. It's two stories and recognized as a "24 Hour Fitness Sport," which means it's bigger, and thus, similar to the one I go to normally (Bella Terra in Huntington Beach). However, this gym has a strange layout... even the group X room.

I did like it more though because it was spacious, clean, and though reviews said it smelled like B.O., I did not notice. Must be used to it? I felt like they made an effort to correct it too - I saw some air fresheners. Another advantage was that the bathrooms and showers don't have the same entrance/exit because it makes the floors gross for those who just have to pee.

Because I was there for TurboKick, I liked that there was lots of natural lighting in the group X room and also downstairs where I biked before class.

Biking was effortless today and TurboKick was fun. I had an endless amount of energy.

Now for lunch: Miracle Noodles with green beans (lots!) and some canned chicken in Rising Moon's organic pasta sauce.

I just made pumpkin pie spiced almonds. I can't pay $6-7 for Planters. I left them in too long though and burned some.

Now for the library and to sign something I forgot for my second job.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cuddly books

I've been tackling at least four books every month... for two months. That's quite a bit. Last month I read 5 and this month will be 6.

  • The Help - the movie is coming out on DVD and I'd like to finish reading it before then
  • Love Walked In - title has taken me in more than the synopsis
  • Belong To Me
  • Midnight
  • Atlas Shrugged - started it in high school and never finished it
  • Night - my students are reading this and since I never read The Autobiography of Anne Frank, I should probably read this
  • Population: 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at A Time - I enjoyed his book, Truck
  • The Last Summer of You & Me
  • Love in the Time of Cholera/One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • Orange County: A Personal History - I do live here...
  • Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, and Found Happiness - by the former editor of House & Garden
  • Diary of An Exercise Addict
  • West of Here
  • Life of Pi
  • Bill Bryson's books - I've read quite a few, but there are some more more including At Home
  • Feed Me!: Writers Dish About Food, Eating, Weight, and Body Image
Do you have a list of books you want to read?

"Some days" will only be sometimes.

Some days are tough. Sometimes I just don't care enough to help those who don't want to help themselves. Movies like "The Freedom Writers" glorifies the teaching profession. It's a good job and it's a change to help young people, but I have to admit, like everyone else, not all can be helped if they don't want to be. I also have little tolerance for jerks no matter their age.

That's my day in a summary.

Now, most of my kids are great. Like in other aspects of my life, most students are good people. One of them calls me "mom." Can I adopt him now?

After work, I grabbed some yogurt for my afternoon snack. Siggi was on sale! I also picked up a Trader Joe's brand, Fage mango-guava(?), and some new-to-me Chobani flavors: black cherry and mango.

Siggi strawberry for the first time - loved it!

Then we went to Costco, where we had dinner in the form of samples. It was a good one today and I went out of my mind when I saw pumpkin pie samples! Mmm. Not great though because I've been doing so well eating chicken and broccoli the last couple of days.

All full. Plus an apple and my mini pumpkin pie from simplethings.

We took a shopping adventure after our eating adventure and then my cousin chose to watch "Shrek Ever After."

I started A Tiger in the Kitchen, finally! I like it so far. I read it on the bike at the gym this morning before heading to 24SET. Lots of weight lifting this week so tomorrow is all about cardio. I have to figure out when and where though.

Big things

  • iPhone 4 ($99)
  • CTEL study book ($50) I need to order it.
  • CTEL exam ($350) And take this exam to get my CA credential again.
  • Nike Free ($60-75) The ONLY shoes I've ever had that don't hurt. I want a cool color though like the ones I have. I didn't want the color but they were cheaper and now I LOVE them!
  • Mac laptop, the cheapest one ($1000)
  • Trip to San Fran/NorCal ($300)
  • oGorgeous Beverly Bow Tie Yoga Bag ($79) I have so many bags already and I just got my lululemon bag, but this carries my mat. Only if I did more yoga! Electric blue is hot (my shoes!) and so hot that I'm totally painting my nails electric blue and gray tonight! Maybe next year.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long but productive, enjoyable, AND social!

Whew. Long day, but it was enjoyable.

Same start as yesterday. Picked up my favorite Chobani flavor, lemon, for my mid-day snack. Scored a free sample of red velvet cake, just enough for my attempt to wean my sweet tooth.

My favorite class was today. Well, my favorite in terms of the students in it. Tomorrow is my favorite class for the subject, science. No joke. I assisted them on PowerPoints and they made me proud. :)

Today was my first day at my second job. 4 hours spent filling out paperwork, touring the store, trying on clothes, and learning to close the store.

Its been so long since I've worked in retail, I feel awkward. But I'm a former chatterbox and can't wait to tune into that again.

With 2 jobs and getting back to some old friends in addition to where I am now in life, I think I'm going to make a comeback to the social world soon.

For example, one girl at work wanted to do a costume with me for Halloween! Hm, maybe I'll find her on facebook since I realized I won't see her till Halloween... Only I need to find an awesome costume idea.

Previously, being social meant wild parties and late nights. I'm not old, but I've grown out of that.

My first paycheck may be devoted to clothing since I get 50% off and am in need of new gear, kind of. Plus, there's a big sale coming up and all sale items will be an extra 25% off.

Besides needing workout clothes, I need clothes in general. Some of the clothing is suitable for my primary job in semi-casual education position.

Anyhow, a coworker helped me find the quickest way home by following her.

Pre-workout: 1/2 cup Fage 0% swirled with pumpkin
Brunch: homemade breakfast burrito, Trader Joe's bistro biscuit (1)
Mid-day snack: homemade pumpkin spice almonds in a microwave, Chobani lemon
Dinner: 3 oz chicken w/ 1.5 cups broc
Nighttime snack: medium Fuji apple w/ tbsp. Mighty Maple peanut butter, minty hot chocolate again!

I found out that I drink 3 liters of water at the very least everyday! How? I didn't have time to fill my bottle so I carried the 3.5 liter container with me. I drink 1 L in the morning and for workouts, 1 L at job #1, 1 L between the afternoon & job #2, and 1 L with dinner & at night. Today's total: 4 liters!

Just finished "Little Help," which I started last night. Now off to read a bit of A Tiger in the Kitchen, my 6th(!) and final book for the month.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 days of plan Bs

I've been cancelled on twice this week, and have reluctantly rescheduled both.

Today was not as bad though. I didn't drive all the way to LA; just Newport Beach. My new job was having a store visit.

I headed home and realized that it would prove more difficult than getting to work. I took a roundabout way today but won't be able to do that everyday.

I stumbled upon the gym and biked for 20 minutes before a power sculpt class. Not a lot of weight but many repetitions. I could feel my booty especially after 3 different Blogilates workouts and this morning's Cardio Rev Conditioning.

I also saw a former high school classmate. I don't prefer seeing anyone from then - bad memories - but I definitely liked who I saw. First off, it was a guy and it was one I'd known for a long while. However, I didn't socialize with him outside of class too often. Which is good. Great, fun, and nice guy. Win.

I also reconnected with a former close friend, also a dude. We did socialize beyond class, but we've known each other since 1st grade! I hated him mostly up till high school. In this case, we know so much about each other and accept one another for all our mistakes.

I stopped by the store and saw chocolate almond milk. Fitnessista's minty hot chocolate immediately popped into my head. I searched for mint tea and actually chose a holiday one, Candy Cane. I know, Halloween isn't even over.

I made myself some delicious tea after a chicken and broccoli dinner.

I also picked up the ONLY Peanut Butter & Company peanut butter I haven't tried: Mighty Maple. Actually, I think I have already tried it. It's not my favorite, but I also got White Chocolate Wonders.

P.S. Some Targets now carry PB & Co!

Here's my handmade to do list for tomorrow:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

graphic "to do"

I helped my students with PowerPoints and finding images today. The computers didn't have paint but did have Photoshop so I helped them adjust pictures with clever sayings.

Inspired by today's task and this image from tumblr, I made my to do list for tomorrow:

*FORGOT: make Sarah (from work) some pumpkin spice almonds!

Weekly Apartment Therapy fave

simple thing: you only live once

I got off work early and drove all the way to L.A. just to find out that my appointment had been canceled and they called me on my old phone. Well, I rescheduled for a Saturday because I didn't want to miss work but did want to miss the crazy traffic. It took me 40 minutes to get to L.A. but almost double that time to come home. :/

Before I knew about the cancellation, I was over in Culver City for the weekly farmer's market. I didn't buy anything but enjoyed walking around.

Since I was nearby, I went to simplethings sandwich and pie shop. I had expected to go so ate a small breakfast/lunch (egg white salad). I ordered the sweet potato sandwich: sweet potato, avocado, cabbage, and grilled onions on a pretzel bun.

I ate all the filling and half the pretzel bun on the way home. Yum.

I also picked up a mini pumpkin pie for the week.

Then I hopped over to Joan's on Third. It was not what I expected. The bakery reminded me of A Market in Newport Beach, which is both a market and a restaurant. Except Joan's had a lot more baked goods.

I chose a dark chocolate bouchon, peanut butter & jelly bar, and chocolate coconut cupcake. Yes, all three. All of which I ate several bites of.

The first thing I nibbled was the PB & J bar. I neglected the whole bottom layer because it was just like a dry cookie, but I enjoyed the chewy jelly and splatters of batter on top. The dark chocolate bouchon was reminiscent of a dense brownie and was okay.

Joan's cupcakes looked fantastic, all perfect, but I went with the chocolate coconut cupcake. The frosting outshone the cake.

Driving was extremely tiring so I came home and fell into bed... for 3 hours. Geez, what's happening to me? Yesterday, I napped for 2 hours and today, 3. It's kind of screwing up my normal sleep schedule, but I'm getting sleep when I can.

The nap did give me energy for some workouts: Blogilates' Cinch That Waist, Rest in Plank, and Better Butt. And then an apple with PB.

Tomorrow is a long day and my first day (training) at my second job. I go in after my AM job and will need to change in between.

"You matter in this world."

I'm done 30 minutes early! Okay, the truth is I skipped the gym and did Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones video.

I've gained weight since last week? The scale may be wrong overall, but it shows I gained 4 pounds! How is this possible? Well, I hope I can get some solid answers today when I go to my nutrition counseling/massage. Somehow we got our signals crossed and the appointment is at 3:30 today so I'll have to get out of work a bit early.

Being voluptuous looks good on some. Even then, she's very normal. I know I'm not extremely overweight, but I definitely feel that way a lot. Who doesn't?

Time for sharing since I had some time to mess around this morning.

1) New song featuring Mike Posner. I'm not a fan of it, especially since he doesn't have a big role. Maybe it'll grow on me?

Also, not feeling the haircut she has with one side shaved. Do you like it?

2) Last night, I watched "35 & Ticking" to go to bed. It wasn't too bad. While some stories were fluff and horribly humorous (36 and working at a "bank," which really meant sperm bank), I liked Tamala Jones' story and that she does not end up finding a man in the end. You know, sometimes that really happens. She was the best in the movie.

Off to work!

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to cure a headache:

I woke up feeling okay, but after 30 minutes on the elliptical, a slack TurboKick, and a shower, I had a headache that continued after work. I took a nice 2 hour nap.

However, that did not prevent me from stopping by the store for some supplies. I went to Mother's Market to get some Zevia and saw donuts in the dessert case.

The baked vegan donuts must be new. They were in the fridge but I was surprised how good they were. I liked the chocolate one more than the coconut. I was shocked that they were only 50 cents apiece. :) I hope they'll last (in the fridge) so they can be my dessert of the week.

Lunch was the same yummy homemade breakfast burrito. After work, I had an apple with peanut butter. For dinner, I rolled with a Blogilates' meal-plan inspired sweet potato.

I'm not following the plan though, but I already eat foods like it.

One of the things I picked up at the store after work was Cool Whip. At one time, I would take containers of the sugar-free Cool Whip out of freezer and eat it like ice cream.

When Love Veggies & Yoga had this simple recipe on her blog, I had to make it: Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip. I am definitely putting it in the freezer to make it "ice cream" though it's also delicious as a dip... or by the spoonful because I couldn't take time away from the dip to cut an apple. :)

The caramel definitely hardened and now I have swirls of caramel in my pumpkin "ice cream!"

Because I didn't use a lot of pumpkin, I had enough leftover to stir it into my remaining Fage 0%.

Also extremely delicious, and I can totally eat it for breakfast! :)

I need to return a movie and read, but I'm totally sucked into "The Sing-Off!" It's hip hop week and fun to watch all these different types of groups with their heart-warming stories.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final October meal plan

Monday, October 24
pre-workout - Shakeology Greenberry
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito
afternoon snack - apple w/ Dark Chocolate Dreams
dinner - sweet potato w/ 1.5 oz chicken
nighttime snack - apple w/ Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip
work out - 30 mins elliptical, TurboKick
read - Water for Elephants

Tuesday, October 25
pre-workout -
brunch - egg white omelet: spinach, chicken, egg whites, salsa
afternoon snack - Joan's on Third samplings :)
dinner - simplethings sandwich and pie shop: sweet potato sandwich
nighttime snack - apple w/ PB
work out - No More Trouble Zones, 3 Blogilates' workouts
read - Water for Elephants

Wednesday, October 26
pre-workout - 1/2 Chobani peach
brunch - 1/2 homemade breakfast burrito, 1/2 Chobani peach
afternoon snack - 1/2 breakfast burrito
nighttime snack - apple w/ PB
work out- 30 mins bike, yoga
to do - training at new job
read - Water for Elephants

Thursday, October 27
pre-workout - Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip, but made with Fage 0%
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito
dinner - sweet potato
nighttime snack - apple w/ PB
work out - 20 mins elliptical, BodyPump
read - Tiger in the Kitchen

Friday, October 28
pre-workout - Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip, but made with Fage 0%
brunch - homemade breakfast burrito
dinner -
nighttime snack - apple w/ PB
work out -
read - Tiger in the Kitchen

Saturday, October 29
work out -
to do - Orange Home Grown
read - Tiger in the Kitchen

Sunday, October 30
work out - bike from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach
read - Tiger in the Kitchen

Hazy Santa Monica Sunday

I decided to stay in L.A. last night to enjoy more of the city's wonders. Whenever I'm in L.A., I end up trying to go to a lot of places and eat from famous restaurants.

Andrew and I planned to go to Santa Monica. While he got ready, I went to Westwood, near the UCLA campus, to go to Stan's Donuts. Peanut butter & banana donut, or the Stevie, was amazing. I ate the filling per usual.

We drove separately to the beach. He had to make a pit stop so I stopped by The Market at Santa Monica Place.

To hold me over, I went to Rockenwagner's Bakery and nabbed a mini breakfast sandwich. It looks huge, but it's actually a tiny turkey and egg sandwich filled to the brim.

Since I ate already, our breakfast-y lunch was hard to eat. We went to Cafe Crepe on the Third Street Promenade. There's only locations in Santa Monica and Canada.

Andrew, looking silly, got eggs with hash browns.

I had to roll with a crepe. I chose the special with 3 eggs over medium, 2 sausage links, and a cinnamon-sugar crepe. I had one egg, one sausage, and half the crepe. It was all okay. Nothing special.

We finally made it to the beach.

The weather and this put a damper on the day. :/ It was really sad to look at and read the memorials. So many young people...

Like I said, I have to grab things to bring home. For the road:

Aurelie The Cookie Guru's pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, which is in our fridge. I took a bite: soft and delicious.

For the drive home, a strawberry surfer girl from Beachy Cream. I saved the sugar cookies for later. The ice cream is all natural and tasted amazing: strawberry balsamic.

...and some chocolates ($11's worth so it better be good) from L'Artisan du Chocolat: Japanese green tea, mango, banana cream, Grand Marnier, sea salt caramel, and some others?

Now to the week to earn $ to replenish my bank account.