Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orange in Orange County

I checked out BodyPump yesterday afternoon since I had to go to the DMW in the morning - I officially have California plates. I was super sweaty as always in the beginning since I added weights. I laid off on the weights for the chest track this week because I've been feeling it in my shoulders lately and haven't been able to figure it out... even with help. :/

I stayed for 1/2 the TurboKick class, which wasn't taught by my new favorite instructor - she broke her toe falling off her bike. The other instructor was subpar and I was tired so I left.

I watched "Bad Teacher," which was rather enjoyable. I loved the strangeness of Justin Timberlake because I'll be honest, I was never a fan. His weirdness just makes it funnier. I also love Jason Segel.

Today, I headed to the gym for 30 minutes on the bike while listening to the Joy the Baker podcast and then yoga. Yoga was extremely tough. I was sweating! Usually, I get warm but never do I start having drops of sweat fall on my orange mat.

After work, where we got to watch an episode of "Bones" and I felt like I really did some great one-on-one work, I went to Fashion Island. I wanted to try out the new Le Pain Quotidien. Apparently, I've been to one in Manhattan Beach and didn't get anything. Today, I got a mini madeleine, which was nice but nothing amazing. I hear the food is better.

I also spied and tried on this orangey blazer from Forever 21. $29.50 was not in the cards today though. It would be nice for my eventual professional wardrobe though.

I've been obsessed with homemade breakfast burritos using La Gloria low carb tortillas. They're chewy. Instead of egg whites for the 4th meal in a row, I picked up a bit of chicken breast and organic tomato sauce for a pizza-esque meal topped with spinach, goat cheese, and avocado.*

*I JUST found out these are semi-cooked and are supposed to be cooked more... no wonder I like them. I love undercooked food... even steak.

I stopped by Bubba Sweets for Wicked $2 cupcake Wednesday. No picture, but they're in my car and will be in the fridge to eat for the next few days. I usually have 1/4 of a cupcake per day, or well, 1/4 of each of the two I got: caramel apple and pumpkin cheesecake.

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