Friday, October 21, 2011

"Me time" Friday

Salad, kind of. With chicken and organic tomato sauce over Miracle Noodles.

More than 30 minute walk after work.

I finally made my way to Huntington Beach's Central Park. I think the loop is around 2.5 miles. It was chilly, but I walked up a sweat.

I could hear the traffic on the outer edges of the park despite an attempt to make this place a sanctuary.

Sadly, I came too late to enjoy the library. Instead, we went to World Market to browse around.

Our final stop was Lynda Sandwich to try the Vietnamese singer's beignets.

They're fresh to order cinnamon triangles with a drizzle of condensed milk. For around $4, I got a huge tray of beignets that was shared by the whole family. I could only eat five of them...

"Me time" sounds so good.

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  1. the Vietnamese singer's beignets with the cinny sugar and sweetened cond milk...omg i bet they were heavenly!