Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homebody by default

Icing my knee. I had a great time on the elliptical and in TurboKick today. My knee felt fine when I was working out and walking around till now. I got home, took of my shoes, and felt a pain in left knee. A shower warmed it up and helped. Now I've got ice on it.

So here I am, also watching the last episode of season 5 of "Dexter."

I haven't posted any home design inspirations as of late, so here's a big one:

Jesse & Leia's house from awhile back is crowded, but there are some nice architectural features.

Check out that fireplace. It's Southwestern.

I love the knick knacks in this house. It's quite too much for me, but I love this free-standing cabinet.

Much more simple. Living room with a decorative wall.

I love the grays of the couches above only if it had more texture. I prefer this colored couch that also has texture though.

A little more outrageous in the color and styling, but oranges are so in.

In the kitchen and dining room, round tables do better in small spaces.

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