Sunday, October 2, 2011

Help myself

After my long-for-me bike ride, I had lunch and lazied around. We watched "Your Highness," which my cousin rented on redbox last night. It was rather funny, a good middle of the day movie. I save serious movies for nighttime. Actually, I save all movies for nighttime.

I'll probably watch "Sicko" tonight since we have it on hand and it needs to be returned soon.

(image from Michael Moore)

I finished reading browsing The Nine Rooms of Happiness. For a self-help book, it's pretty interesting, but I must say, I'm a little over self-help books. Nothing has really given me the AHA! moment.

(image from Self)

I promised myself that I'd knock out four books per month and try to read a mix. Last month I read Room, a short history on Orange County, The Joy Luck Club, and finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. This month may include Devil in the White City, Firefly Lane or The Help, and a history on the Middle East.

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