Tuesday, October 25, 2011

simple thing: you only live once

I got off work early and drove all the way to L.A. just to find out that my appointment had been canceled and they called me on my old phone. Well, I rescheduled for a Saturday because I didn't want to miss work but did want to miss the crazy traffic. It took me 40 minutes to get to L.A. but almost double that time to come home. :/

Before I knew about the cancellation, I was over in Culver City for the weekly farmer's market. I didn't buy anything but enjoyed walking around.

Since I was nearby, I went to simplethings sandwich and pie shop. I had expected to go so ate a small breakfast/lunch (egg white salad). I ordered the sweet potato sandwich: sweet potato, avocado, cabbage, and grilled onions on a pretzel bun.

I ate all the filling and half the pretzel bun on the way home. Yum.

I also picked up a mini pumpkin pie for the week.

Then I hopped over to Joan's on Third. It was not what I expected. The bakery reminded me of A Market in Newport Beach, which is both a market and a restaurant. Except Joan's had a lot more baked goods.

I chose a dark chocolate bouchon, peanut butter & jelly bar, and chocolate coconut cupcake. Yes, all three. All of which I ate several bites of.

The first thing I nibbled was the PB & J bar. I neglected the whole bottom layer because it was just like a dry cookie, but I enjoyed the chewy jelly and splatters of batter on top. The dark chocolate bouchon was reminiscent of a dense brownie and was okay.

Joan's cupcakes looked fantastic, all perfect, but I went with the chocolate coconut cupcake. The frosting outshone the cake.

Driving was extremely tiring so I came home and fell into bed... for 3 hours. Geez, what's happening to me? Yesterday, I napped for 2 hours and today, 3. It's kind of screwing up my normal sleep schedule, but I'm getting sleep when I can.

The nap did give me energy for some workouts: Blogilates' Cinch That Waist, Rest in Plank, and Better Butt. And then an apple with PB.

Tomorrow is a long day and my first day (training) at my second job. I go in after my AM job and will need to change in between.

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