Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love the crispness of the fall air. It's a little chilly when I wake up. I put on a light jacket for the farmer's market. I swear in the gym and when I come out, instead of being chilled by the coldness, the air is nice and warm.

I also love the crispness of these photos from the farmer's market. There are still some pluots, but I'm not craving stone fruits any longer. There's also persimmons, jujubes, flowers, and baked goods like whole wheat croissants.

I tried a jujube, considered as the Asian date. Thankfully, it didn't have the raw taste of a date.

And while I never likes croissants till I experienced the popularity of a warm ham and cheese croissant, I bought a freshly baked container of 4 whole wheat croissants for the family.

Also purchased, an almond milk tea w/o sugar from Cha for Tea and pumpkin cream cheese and bistro biscuits from Trader Joe's.

I could and have made my own pumpkin cream cheese but thought I'd try theirs. The bistro biscuits are, I'm guessing, a knockoff of Biscoffs.

I suppose there will be so many more posts now that I have mobile posting! :)

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  1. yes the TJs bistro biscuits are very, very similar to Biscoffs...enjoy :)