Saturday, October 8, 2011

More than one thing...

A hideout of blankets, including the winter blanket I broke out last night, and "Forrest Gump" made for a good night's sleep. The weather as become chilly here and I find that I adjust to weather pretty quickly when it's warm. Back in North Carolina, I was cold but had good reason for it. Now I'm here experiencing what would be "fresh" mornings and complaining about it.

That's why I'm surprised I was up and ready to go this morning, Shakeology in my belly, and headed to the gym at 7:30 for a little bicycling warm-up before BodyPump and TurboKick. I was ecstatic I could keep up in Turbo after a grueling BodyPump. The squats on this new release were killer, but I also added 2.5 lbs on each side. It makes all the difference.

The instructor is awesome. I like my super fit instructors and cringe a little when I see out of shape instructors (it just screams, This workout is not working). But Jamie is more like me and maybe a little bigger, but she's strong and funny.

It's not easy for some of us, like myself, to get really fit bodies no matter how much we work out. It takes a lot of work and I love seeing bodies in progress... though apparently on the thinner side of progress.

But probably what I like about her is that she's not super fit and she has an awesome personality. She's a testament to what I'm trying to realize: my body isn't everything I am.

After rocking it, I came home and showered and was so hungry that when I finally made Blogilates' low carb, high protein pancakes sans flour, I scarfed them down. I added the other half of a banana and some PB & J on top.

Then I went shopping for a long time. Like 6 hours of shopping. First, the smaller farmer's market since I can't make it to the big one till next weekend. Then to TJMaxx, Ross, Sports Authority, and World Market, where I spotted this simple and nice gray couch.

Off to Sports Chalet in search of lifting gloves. Fail. They make a lot more for men then women. I also stopped by H&M and the Apple store before heading over to Marshalls where I tried on tons of workout pants and shirts. I'm short and the pants are always too long! :( I found one tank top I liked though for $16.99. It's from Kyodan and I'll have to take a picture of me in it when I finally test it out! :)

Till then, I spotted these salt & pepper shakers on sale! Simple and cute.

Since I ate deli meats (from a grocery store birthday party!) and somehow (: ended up with Yogurtland's pumpkin pie (and a bit of pistachio and coconut with toppings of course!) fro-yo, I wasn't extremely hungry. I still had 1/2 a bag of Miracle Noodles, spinach, and a bit of chicken in organic pasta sauce. It was small but filling. Yum yum.

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