Friday, October 28, 2011

"Some days" will only be sometimes.

Some days are tough. Sometimes I just don't care enough to help those who don't want to help themselves. Movies like "The Freedom Writers" glorifies the teaching profession. It's a good job and it's a change to help young people, but I have to admit, like everyone else, not all can be helped if they don't want to be. I also have little tolerance for jerks no matter their age.

That's my day in a summary.

Now, most of my kids are great. Like in other aspects of my life, most students are good people. One of them calls me "mom." Can I adopt him now?

After work, I grabbed some yogurt for my afternoon snack. Siggi was on sale! I also picked up a Trader Joe's brand, Fage mango-guava(?), and some new-to-me Chobani flavors: black cherry and mango.

Siggi strawberry for the first time - loved it!

Then we went to Costco, where we had dinner in the form of samples. It was a good one today and I went out of my mind when I saw pumpkin pie samples! Mmm. Not great though because I've been doing so well eating chicken and broccoli the last couple of days.

All full. Plus an apple and my mini pumpkin pie from simplethings.

We took a shopping adventure after our eating adventure and then my cousin chose to watch "Shrek Ever After."

I started A Tiger in the Kitchen, finally! I like it so far. I read it on the bike at the gym this morning before heading to 24SET. Lots of weight lifting this week so tomorrow is all about cardio. I have to figure out when and where though.

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