Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long but productive, enjoyable, AND social!

Whew. Long day, but it was enjoyable.

Same start as yesterday. Picked up my favorite Chobani flavor, lemon, for my mid-day snack. Scored a free sample of red velvet cake, just enough for my attempt to wean my sweet tooth.

My favorite class was today. Well, my favorite in terms of the students in it. Tomorrow is my favorite class for the subject, science. No joke. I assisted them on PowerPoints and they made me proud. :)

Today was my first day at my second job. 4 hours spent filling out paperwork, touring the store, trying on clothes, and learning to close the store.

Its been so long since I've worked in retail, I feel awkward. But I'm a former chatterbox and can't wait to tune into that again.

With 2 jobs and getting back to some old friends in addition to where I am now in life, I think I'm going to make a comeback to the social world soon.

For example, one girl at work wanted to do a costume with me for Halloween! Hm, maybe I'll find her on facebook since I realized I won't see her till Halloween... Only I need to find an awesome costume idea.

Previously, being social meant wild parties and late nights. I'm not old, but I've grown out of that.

My first paycheck may be devoted to clothing since I get 50% off and am in need of new gear, kind of. Plus, there's a big sale coming up and all sale items will be an extra 25% off.

Besides needing workout clothes, I need clothes in general. Some of the clothing is suitable for my primary job in semi-casual education position.

Anyhow, a coworker helped me find the quickest way home by following her.

Pre-workout: 1/2 cup Fage 0% swirled with pumpkin
Brunch: homemade breakfast burrito, Trader Joe's bistro biscuit (1)
Mid-day snack: homemade pumpkin spice almonds in a microwave, Chobani lemon
Dinner: 3 oz chicken w/ 1.5 cups broc
Nighttime snack: medium Fuji apple w/ tbsp. Mighty Maple peanut butter, minty hot chocolate again!

I found out that I drink 3 liters of water at the very least everyday! How? I didn't have time to fill my bottle so I carried the 3.5 liter container with me. I drink 1 L in the morning and for workouts, 1 L at job #1, 1 L between the afternoon & job #2, and 1 L with dinner & at night. Today's total: 4 liters!

Just finished "Little Help," which I started last night. Now off to read a bit of A Tiger in the Kitchen, my 6th(!) and final book for the month.

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  1. Glad to see Tiger on your reading list...hope you enjoy! Cheers...