Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Read 'em & watch

I've been waking up nice and early. By that I mean a little before 7AM. To go to the gym and bike for 30 minutes, lift a little (very little), and finally get some yoga in. I felt strong today and have been for the last couple weeks. Must be the rest I'm getting now that I'm working out less hours per day and enjoying an easy job and lifestyle. :)

I've started reading Hungry and think I'll postpone Water for Elephants till I finish it, probably tonight.

(image from allen zadoff)

Hungry is an easy read with short chapters that focus on the journey of losing weight and realizing that being thin and the "Thin Life," as he calls it, is nonexistent. Just because he lost weight didn't mean he wooed a hot girlfriend, gained a better job, or became happier necessarily. It's the beginning not the end. I really loved the premise of the story because I unconsciously think the same thing. :)

I'm heading home a tad bit earlier to get to Trader Joe's and to return "Zookeeper." It was rather good and I fell asleep watching it. I enjoyed the hilarity of it especially when Kevin James makes fun of Joe Rogan's character's name, Gale. I have no idea why I laughed out loud so much. Maybe because it's Joe Rogan.

I also have a package waiting for me at home, my vitamins and probiotics. And I may finally watch "Inception." I haven't seen "Dark Knight" either and probably should catch up...

(image from Green Tea Movie)

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