Sunday, October 2, 2011

Riding to the south side

Yesterday ended up being an off day. I went to get my family dim sum at our favorite place, Ten Ten Seafood in Artesia. BEST PINEAPPLE BUNS EVER!

I tried to make up for it today with Zumba in the AM, but I got there at 8:30, which was too late apparently for a 9AM class. Not only was the class full, there was a long waiting list. As I struggled to adjust the upright bike and ride a couple of minutes, I decided that I wanted to go on my long-awaited adventure: biking on the Pacific Coast.

I started by getting dropped off on Main Street Huntington Beach and proceeded to find the bike trail on the north side of the pier's parking lot. I rode the trail south all the way to the Newport Beach Pier where I got off my bike and walked for a very short time.

Scenes (and scents) from the beach
  • Man on a unicycle
  • Man stationed in the parking lot with his keyboard, singing not so great
  • Family's RV parked path-side with rugs on the concrete
  • Woman watching TV in front of her RV?!
  • Smell of marijuana as I passed a path-side house in Newport
  • Surfers with dirty, sandy feet
  • Reclining bikes?
  • Fishermen on the Santa Ana River
  • Dog peeing in the sand :(
  • Joggers and bicyclists sharing the road, lots of them
  • Very large man on a small bicycle
  • Fishy smell of the ocean over in Newport
The fishiness and remembering the peeing dog as well as the fact that I was sticky and oily because I hadn't washed my hair yet made me race home. Kind of.

I rode back to the Huntington Beach Pier and then to Trader Joe's and then Sprouts where my mom picked me up. I was okay physically, but a tad hungry. I started my ride at 9:15AM or so and finished up at 12:30!

Breakfast was Shakeology mixed in a food container because I couldn't find my shaker. Lunch ended up being a cooling 1/2 cup of Fage 0% yogurt with a tablespoon of warmed Creamy Reese's PB and a serving of original Puffins!

It was a nice, relaxing ride and I hope to do it more often. Next time, I may want to head more south into Balboa and Crystal Cove.

Crystal Cove, in particular, was popular in high school and I never went. I drove by it last weekend and thought it was gorgeous. Maybe I can run if my knees permit since I do have to start training for a 5K at some point. Yes, just a measly little 5K over here. :)

Till then, some Theraflu - working in schools again - and "Your Highness," which my cousin picked from the redbox last night.

(image from Movie Cultists)

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