Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elongating my weekend

Besides my exciting meeting with Sharone Hakman, I woke up super early to head to the gym: 20 minutes biking and a light Zumba class.

For energy: Siggi grapefruit, which I didn't like too much. Bitter like a grapefruit.

Afterwards, I had another homemade breakfast burrito with egg whites.

I headed to Blackmarket Bakery's open house where I tried some minis . I particularly liked the chocolate stout mushroom.

I bought a loaf of wine flour focaccia and got Caspian tea cookies for free. Since I also bought a $20 gift certificate for $10, I gave Andrew the wine flour focaccia. It's so fluffy and looks like swirly coffee cake.

I finally made it to Los Angeles or rather, Culver City in the afternoon. Andrew and I walked to an early dinner at City Tavern.

He got the Brew Burger on pretzel bread.

I got a shrimp and peach salad, but they were out so I had shrimp and grits instead. Very odd grits.

Dessert for Andrew: See's Candies. Dessert for me: Yogurtland even though it's based in Irvine and I should have had an LA dessert.

I'm staying over and watching "Thor" and enjoying a morning here in Los Angeles.


EDIT: "Thor" was an easy watch. It was great except it looked extremely digitized and the camera was tilted A LOT. Not a serious movie, which was great for me since I was sleepy.

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