Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Compacting fitness for health & work

I've been heading to the gym in the morning before work and not after work anymore. When I didn't have my 4 hours of work, I would do both some days or well, most days. I definitely this is more healthy so I'm going to stick with it instead of forcing myself to do too much. Actually, I have to force myself not to do too much.

Today, it was 20 minutes on the elliptical then some back and side extensions on the back extension machine. I felt I needed the

(image from Body Building)

Then off to 24SET, which involved lots of lunges. My arms and shoulders were cooperating and I could do chest presses. Hm, might it have something to do with compacting my workouts?

A shower and a salad later, off to work. Though I had to add a bite of my remaining CVille Clusters to avoid an upset stomach with my vitamins.

My first class at work is always intensive. I actually work with students one-on-one. It can get a little difficult as some students refuse to do work and I'm just nagging them all the time. At least there's some activity though.

While the students ate lunch, I file folders, which really isn't fun but it gives me a break and time goes by pretty fast. I have busy work and time to myself.

My second class today was math. I like the juniors and seniors since I mostly work with freshmen. Though there are one or two students that are tougher, but overall, I enjoy the kids. The class, however, is another story. It's essential algebra and thus, dull.

My other class on alternating days is a freshmen science class. They're a HANDFUL! The teacher is awesome though and science is the one subject I didn't like or retain in high school so I'm learning a lot! :)

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