Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to [self-]love

Just because it's Saturday doesn't mean I get to sleep in. It's 7AM all week.

However on Saturdays, I'm not in a hurry to get to work. Sometimes that's a disadvantage though: I can get lazy or bored with my day. Usually the first rather than the latter.

I'm starting my morning with a trip to the farmer's market then straight to the gym by the market.

It's my first trip to this particular gym and since it's the weekend, in going to a 10AM TurboKick class.

I've laid off doing Turbo too much. A typical week includes 2-3 classes, but my work schedule only allows for 1 or 2.

Last night: "Dexter" & nail painting. One thing that stuck with me when reading Fat Girl's Guide to Life was how she related nail painting with self-love.

*It's a matte grey not black.

After struggling with finding self-love, particularly for my body, I'm making progress. Work has required I make a schedule to fit in workouts and meals. Lifting away the stress of being unemployed and deciding how much to work out had led me to focus on the here and now rather than future events.

My body is responding well. Of course I'm glad.

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