Thursday, October 13, 2011

For my body, my sanity

Once it was cupcakes. Then it was donuts but only for a little while. Now I'm obsessed with jalapeno ham and cheese croissants. Only the filling though, and the parts of the croissant slathered with cheese.

My pre-workout snack was exactly that today so I'll remedy the greasiness with some Greek yogurt. It's all gravy since I'm still content from the ham and cheese. :)

The only problem is I shouldn't be spending much money on eating just the ham and cheese.

I changed up my vitamins and probiotics. My shipment from iHerb came yesterday. It was rather cheap. I chose Alive! Women's Energy multivitamins, which I've read about. I think it's a step up from Woman's One-A-Day.

(image from Swanson Vitamins)

I also changed my probiotics. I've used PB8 ever since I read Crazy Sexy Diet, but more reading has convinced me that I needed a refrigerated probiotic. I nabbed Jarrow Formulas Jarrow-Dophilus.

(image from VitaCost)

They threw in a couple of freebies: a drink mix and a ProMax mini bar that I totally needed last night (only half of it!).

(image from Promax Bars)

I attempted to watch "Inception" last night, but I have to admit UNLESS I'm 100% watching the movie, I can't handle serious films. I'd rather read, which is what I did. I finished Hungry last night and am ready for my next book! I'm flying through the easy ones and enjoying the more in depth ones.

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