Friday, August 30, 2013

Teaching > everything else

School started on Wednesday!

First day of work outfit & an awesome marshmallow tower team building activity from TED Talks

At the end of the day, I was dead sick!

I got myself a Super Cleansing Cocktail, vitamin C, & learned how to Teach Like A Pirate.

Day 2: still sick so drank a disgusting Cold Comfort (carrot, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper) & played with technology for World History class - it's all set up!

I got through a day of instruction - we already dove in, came home for a nap, worked out, and did some homework. I'm nowhere near finished so I'm skipping out on Friday night plans.

Remember how I said I related too well to the song "22?" Well there's no more breakfast at midnight and falling in love with strangers. This passion (teaching) takes precedence over [almost] everything else.

And because I saw this: a tribute to myself.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIAW: Back to school

Monday night, Vanessa and I went to Native Foods Cafe for a late dinner.  I got the special: Oklahoma bacon cheeseburger. All vegetarian and delicious. It came with a side of sweet potato fries, my favorite.

I waited all day (and night) for this!

She wanted to get a drink (none for me) so we headed to a bar that I've only gone to on weekends. The crowd was mixed but odd and honestly, a little scary.

I stayed up late because I was full and woke up early for another staff development day.

Shakeology and this Herbalife bar that was provided at the breakfast. Why not?

After eating out yesterday, I wasn't too excited about lunch out with my co-workers. Except we picked Mama's on 39 and they had roasted spaghetti squash with a bit of Parmesan and, on mine, I got grilled chicken (not pictured). Wow.

I skipped out a few minutes early to take a quick shower and meet up with another new friend. We had some good conversation that continued when I got home (via Facebook messaging and a 15 minute or so phone call).

I realized the power of positive thinking tonight. I'm a rather positive person and haven't let much put me down thus far. My situation at work is in the air after the next month and a half, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

My workout yesterday made me sweatier than I've been in a long time. I really had to push through with the overhead lunges.

My U.S. History classes will be making towers. I "borrowed" this idea from TED talks.

My one World History class will be writing prompts on how to prepare a peanut butter sandwich. I will then construct the sandwiches based on their instructions.

Finally, my Government classes will either A) play people bingo, B) think together in a fictional "Alien Attack," C) make a timeline of their lives thus far, or D) anything else I can think of between now and then.

Where do you get the best burger? Believe the hype, I love the Greenbird from Umami Burger.

Monday, August 26, 2013

MIMM: Enjoying the outdoors

I finally got a week off. Wait, I lied. I had to go to school on Monday and Friday last week to set things up. Still, it was on my own schedule.

On Wednesday, I finally enjoyed the MARVELOUS SoCal summer with a 12-mile round-trip bike ride to the beach.

Gorgeous day.

I spent an hour reading The 5 Love Languages.

Afterwards, I headed to Pieology with my co-workers. Most MARVELOUS pizza I've had in awhile!

We also did 5 hours of shopping before having beer, leftover pizza, and telling love fortunes.

I went on a second MARVELOUS bike ride on Friday! Made myself a mango-banana Shakeology to go.

Most MARVELOUS Pandora station: Summer Hits of the 2000s.

Spent a MARVELOUS hour out there.

Overcast day

Went by to see my mom and aunt in the same dress. I guess it's okay now that they're older to be twins again.

MARVELOUS Sunday Funday hiking at Peters Canyon

We only did about 3.5 miles before we got hungry.

MARVELOUS Lemonade just opened up at Fashion Island! So many options. I can't wait to go back!

 I got the "weirdest" food compared to my sandwich-eating friends.

I cleaned up MARVELOUSly post-hike in an $11.99 dress from Ross.

Bike riding & hiking this week have worked my legs. Need to do something about those arms though.

Today is the first day back to work, and it is structured. :(

My MARVELOUS co-worker, from when I was an aide, was asked to sub for one of the teachers! I'm so happy for her! Former aides rock!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

WIAW: Unpictured

Let me be honest, this edition of WIAW is rather sparse. It's more of a catalog of my week thus far with some food thrown in. My food hasn't been all that exciting: Shakeology smoothies and BLTs mostly.

Post-yoga on Sunday - so I raise my eyebrow a lot.

Moved into my temporary classroom on Monday, lunch with co-workers (bland shrimp salad with salsa for dressing), met with guidance counselors, and spoke with parents.

Had to reassemble the whole class. I plugged everything in... and have 2 cords left...

Everyday, a Shakeology smoothie. Note to self: need more bananas.

Is it too early? I love fall but summer has been amazing too.

I'm getting over my fear of having blood drawn... as long as I don't look.

Tuesday night Dave & Busters: a skinny Long Island for me and a self-sustained air hockey injury. I get intense.

They snagged a bunch of candy while I got a Pikachu stuffed toy for my little cousin.

My teeny ankles and wrists get sore from yoga and weights respectively. Since I stressed out my ankles at yoga on Sunday, I decided to sleep in an hour and go to BodyPump today. I like recoding my weights here so I can remember:
  • Warm-up - 25 lbs 20 lbs
  • Squats - 50 lbs but I really felt it this time
  • Chest - 25 lbs
  • Back - 35 lbs
  • Triceps - 25 lbs used plates today
  • Biceps - 20 lbs 15 lbs
  • Lunges - 35 lbs squats + plyometrics
  • Shoulders - 20 lbs on the bar + switch between 5 & 10 lb plates in each hand
I looked around and saw that I was among the smallest in the class, but when I go out, I feel like the largest. My friend posted this picture of us from Friday night and I don't look so great. *I'm wearing the black and white dress.

Is it the dress? But look at my arms! Though I've lost 5+ pounds this summer, a lot of it appears to be muscle! :(

Afterwards, I picked up my friend Vanessa for a day of fun.

We went makeup shopping at the Benefit Cosmetics counter. I ended up with mascara, concealer, and moisturizer + gifts with purchase.

We stopped by XA Sweet & Savory Cafe for lunch. I love this place, but it's usually far for me. I chose grilled chicken, roasted plantains, and steamed edamame. No picture but believe it was delicious!

We headed to Oak Canyon for a nice short walk.

I was surprised by the woodsy surroundings and running streams of water. This would be a gorgeous date spot. 

I rushed to meet up with my co-workers at Wahoo's to use the free Wahoo's coupons we got at work. I was still full so didn't eat, but we took a nice walk and got some coffee while one of the girls read our love lives using playing cards for fun. It was funny:
  • I just want to have fun and am all over the place. Yup.
  • There's a guy and he's into me. He also knows what he wants.
  • There's someone (a male friend or relative) close to him that is his mentor and watches over him... because I'm such a sketchy person right? Hah.
We made plans tomorrow for a local shopping adventure instead of venturing to the desert. Maybe there will be a Barnes & Noble stop to read horoscope books like I did in high school. :)

Speaking of books, I have a gazillion books I've yet to read. I haven't picked up a book to read for leisure since I started classes in March! Yikes!

Your turn!
What's on your list to read? The first book will be to actually finish The 5 Love Languages that I got from my co-worker this summer.
What kind of makeup do you use? I'm making a conscious effort. Once in awhile, the realization that I'm a girl occurs. Haha.
Is there something you eat everyday? For awhile, I ate oatmeal protein pancakes every morning for 2+ months. Now I have a Shakeology everyday and BLTs!

Monday, August 19, 2013

MIMM: Adventure time [at the Safari]

MARVELOUS Friday adventure to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Getting there just in time for the MARVELOUS hot air balloon

...where we got to see the whole park.

We got a MARVELOUS deal ($22) for admission and the Africa tram safari.

The gorilla doesn't look so big from here...

Lots of MARVELOUS pictures were taken.

The best: elephants.

Brushing goats

Old Town Mexican Cafe for MARVELOUS dinner after skipping lunch: lots of guac and ceviche was perfect after a 91 degree day. Too bad we didn't have more daylight to explore Old Town.

I came home for a total of 25 minutes, showered, and went out to Downtown Santa Ana. Again. We headed to see a friend DJ then did 2 hours of MARVELOUS dancing.

Saturday off?! Now that the fair is over, I have my MARVELOUS weekends back! First stop, shopping - I finally bought myself a pencil skirt (not pictured).

Recovery with froyo...

...and green juice

More guac, made with Greek yogurt though, and stuffed into shrimp spring rolls (sans noodles)

Getting dressed for to cheer on friends at a MARVELOUS Saturday night beer pong tournament. Oh my face...

Most organized tournament ever.

They even rented out a porta potty for the guys - ladies got to use the indoor restroom - with a side table with sanitizer.

Our boys lost and were rather depressed.

But their friends played in the finals and almost won. Actually, it was just one friend because his partner had to withdraw.

I lovingly took care of drunk people with water, got between arguments, and cheered them on till the end

MARVELOUS Sunday brunch post-yoga: bacon, veggie cheese, and guac sandwich? Yes please.

Found and should've taken this MARVELOUS sign while grocery shopping!

Sadly, I haven't met a Hangar beer I like. I did get to try some new-to-me beers though:

Belmont Brewing strawberry blonde was light and had a touch of strawberry taste.

Also got my hands on this tasty beer. I'm ready for fall!

What's your favorite animal? I love pandas of course, but I am fascinated by ostriches and meerkats!