Thursday, August 22, 2013

WIAW: Unpictured

Let me be honest, this edition of WIAW is rather sparse. It's more of a catalog of my week thus far with some food thrown in. My food hasn't been all that exciting: Shakeology smoothies and BLTs mostly.

Post-yoga on Sunday - so I raise my eyebrow a lot.

Moved into my temporary classroom on Monday, lunch with co-workers (bland shrimp salad with salsa for dressing), met with guidance counselors, and spoke with parents.

Had to reassemble the whole class. I plugged everything in... and have 2 cords left...

Everyday, a Shakeology smoothie. Note to self: need more bananas.

Is it too early? I love fall but summer has been amazing too.

I'm getting over my fear of having blood drawn... as long as I don't look.

Tuesday night Dave & Busters: a skinny Long Island for me and a self-sustained air hockey injury. I get intense.

They snagged a bunch of candy while I got a Pikachu stuffed toy for my little cousin.

My teeny ankles and wrists get sore from yoga and weights respectively. Since I stressed out my ankles at yoga on Sunday, I decided to sleep in an hour and go to BodyPump today. I like recoding my weights here so I can remember:
  • Warm-up - 25 lbs 20 lbs
  • Squats - 50 lbs but I really felt it this time
  • Chest - 25 lbs
  • Back - 35 lbs
  • Triceps - 25 lbs used plates today
  • Biceps - 20 lbs 15 lbs
  • Lunges - 35 lbs squats + plyometrics
  • Shoulders - 20 lbs on the bar + switch between 5 & 10 lb plates in each hand
I looked around and saw that I was among the smallest in the class, but when I go out, I feel like the largest. My friend posted this picture of us from Friday night and I don't look so great. *I'm wearing the black and white dress.

Is it the dress? But look at my arms! Though I've lost 5+ pounds this summer, a lot of it appears to be muscle! :(

Afterwards, I picked up my friend Vanessa for a day of fun.

We went makeup shopping at the Benefit Cosmetics counter. I ended up with mascara, concealer, and moisturizer + gifts with purchase.

We stopped by XA Sweet & Savory Cafe for lunch. I love this place, but it's usually far for me. I chose grilled chicken, roasted plantains, and steamed edamame. No picture but believe it was delicious!

We headed to Oak Canyon for a nice short walk.

I was surprised by the woodsy surroundings and running streams of water. This would be a gorgeous date spot. 

I rushed to meet up with my co-workers at Wahoo's to use the free Wahoo's coupons we got at work. I was still full so didn't eat, but we took a nice walk and got some coffee while one of the girls read our love lives using playing cards for fun. It was funny:
  • I just want to have fun and am all over the place. Yup.
  • There's a guy and he's into me. He also knows what he wants.
  • There's someone (a male friend or relative) close to him that is his mentor and watches over him... because I'm such a sketchy person right? Hah.
We made plans tomorrow for a local shopping adventure instead of venturing to the desert. Maybe there will be a Barnes & Noble stop to read horoscope books like I did in high school. :)

Speaking of books, I have a gazillion books I've yet to read. I haven't picked up a book to read for leisure since I started classes in March! Yikes!

Your turn!
What's on your list to read? The first book will be to actually finish The 5 Love Languages that I got from my co-worker this summer.
What kind of makeup do you use? I'm making a conscious effort. Once in awhile, the realization that I'm a girl occurs. Haha.
Is there something you eat everyday? For awhile, I ate oatmeal protein pancakes every morning for 2+ months. Now I have a Shakeology everyday and BLTs!

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  1. I really only use mascara and eyeliner.

    :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Have a fab weekend!