Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five Friday: Moving on?

HIGH FIVE for cherry Shakeology smoothies to start my day clean

HIGH FIVE to our lovely brother-sister team

HIGH FIVE for the real last day of work with the remaining few. We smelled glorious by the end, especially since I came to work after a work out.

I went home and sewed buttons on the French memo board we started last week. My friend's girlfriend saw picture of it and knew it was for her - I thought I blocked them from it. Oops. :(

HIGH FIVE for dinner with the co-workers at Chapter One to celebrate our last day.

HIGH FIVE for "after work happy hour" tapas: wings again, duck fat fries, and scotch egg, which I wanted to try.

HIGH FIVE for the American burger (ate half) shared with the guys who got pork belly buns & short rib tacos

HIGH FIVE for dessert which we inhaled: bacon bourbon banana doughnut + peanut butter ice cream = perfect combo

HIGH FIVE for a walk around downtown before ending up at The Gypsy Den to meet up with other co-worker Ryan.

HIGH FIVE for making my cousin and I BATs for breakfast: bacon, avocado, and tomato.

HIGH FIVE for a slow and steady workout then a walk to cool down, even though I was resisting.

HIGH FIVE for getting through extremely awkward conversations today.

But HIGH FIVE to my dear former roommate for saying weird, adoring things to me. This was in response to whether it would just be easier to get a boyfriend and not just skim around the edges. Maybe I should actually try.

HIGH FIVE trying to read this book. I'm curious.

What is the most awkward conversation you've had lately?

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