Monday, August 26, 2013

MIMM: Enjoying the outdoors

I finally got a week off. Wait, I lied. I had to go to school on Monday and Friday last week to set things up. Still, it was on my own schedule.

On Wednesday, I finally enjoyed the MARVELOUS SoCal summer with a 12-mile round-trip bike ride to the beach.

Gorgeous day.

I spent an hour reading The 5 Love Languages.

Afterwards, I headed to Pieology with my co-workers. Most MARVELOUS pizza I've had in awhile!

We also did 5 hours of shopping before having beer, leftover pizza, and telling love fortunes.

I went on a second MARVELOUS bike ride on Friday! Made myself a mango-banana Shakeology to go.

Most MARVELOUS Pandora station: Summer Hits of the 2000s.

Spent a MARVELOUS hour out there.

Overcast day

Went by to see my mom and aunt in the same dress. I guess it's okay now that they're older to be twins again.

MARVELOUS Sunday Funday hiking at Peters Canyon

We only did about 3.5 miles before we got hungry.

MARVELOUS Lemonade just opened up at Fashion Island! So many options. I can't wait to go back!

 I got the "weirdest" food compared to my sandwich-eating friends.

I cleaned up MARVELOUSly post-hike in an $11.99 dress from Ross.

Bike riding & hiking this week have worked my legs. Need to do something about those arms though.

Today is the first day back to work, and it is structured. :(

My MARVELOUS co-worker, from when I was an aide, was asked to sub for one of the teachers! I'm so happy for her! Former aides rock!

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