Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WIAW: Enjoy life. Shut up and eat what they make you.

Enjoy life. That's my motto right now and I hope forever.

I was having a conversation with a friend from North Carolina and realized I haven't felt free since 2009-2010. I wasn't free of food or exercise - I tried to be perfect and controlled everything I could, but it all ended up controlling me. I stopped having a social life altogether for almost 3 years! So as I talk about and post pictures of all the fun, I'm reminded that the fun loving person inside never went away and she's a lot of fun too.

I've made big changes this summer similar to Heather and Lindsay. I can't say I'm 100% done yet, but here are some accomplishments in two big realms of my life.
  • I stopped counting calories but only because I'm so good at it, I don't need to anymore. 
  • I've worked out much less but become faster and stronger.
WIAW has become tougher though because I don't put as much thought into my food as I once did. I eat random food at home and then I eat out so you are treated with some of those pretty pictures.

I tried the small Immunizer from Juice It Up was way to expensive. It's the typical price for a 16 oz anywhere else!

Spotted and purchased at Ralph's: coconut Chobani! Though good, it's not my favorite! That title still goes to lemon and strawberry-banana.

Vanilla Shakeology everyday. This one has cherries, half a banana, and lots of ice.

Also on rotation: Sweat the Sweet Stuff's s'mores French toast, minus the marshmallow, which I replaced with whipped cottage cheese and with chocolate protein powder mixed with water to drizzle.

With my day off, I slept 11 hours, did very little homework, and then ventured out. My options were pretty much the same, just with different people: movies and someone making me dinner.

I ended up watching the latest episode of "Dexter," "The Conjuring," and "After Earth" for 6 hours! Boy was I tired, but...

...and then I bailed to do a quick workout. Seriously, I was so antsy!

Monday night's dinner: eggs & bacon. Someone, not me, forgot to put oil in the pan before putting in the eggs, but I really shouldn't complain because A) it's at least Paleo, B) it tasted good, and C) a guy attempted to cook. Though usually, my male friends are better cooks than I am.

Tuesday was surprisingly more exciting. I woke up a tad earlier, ran the 1.1 mile to the gym in about 8:30 (woohoo), warmed up on the elliptical for 10 minutes, and took BodyPump with one of my favorite instructors. I cooled down with a walk home in the sunshine. :)

There was no time to make food as the kitchen was taken over. I tried the "wangs" lite salad at Greenleaf Chopshop, which I ate all of at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Had to get some kombucha to help me digest.

What are your favorite ways to calm down? I love yoga after work and slow walks to soak up some Vitamin D.

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