Monday, August 12, 2013

MIMM: The end

Later to work meant MARVELOUS morning workouts again.

In the evenings, I helped Peter make a MARVELOUS French memo board for his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend. He was skeptical of the fabric and colors I chose, but it turned out well!

The hardest part of French memo board making: finding gray buttons for cheap. However, I did find MARVELOUS chocolate coconut water at the 99 cent store.

I also picked up this MARVELOUS dress for $16.99 at Marshall's, and a pair of MARVELOUS nude wedges.

Met up with Peter and his girlfriend for MARVELOUS "after office" happy hour at Chapter One. I ate fries, which I never indulge in!

Then we continued to dinner at The Playground.

Our meal included quail, chuck, pork shoulder, cauliflower, MARVELOUS ramen, MARVELOUS sticky toffee pudding, chocolate torte, and drinks, all shared family-style

Lawrence and Peter get along MARVELOUSLY.

Afterwards, we went to a fashion show at The Copper Door and drank sangria at The Crosby, a nice spot with old school hip hop.

Craved MARVELOUS BLATs after reading the Fitnessista's post.

Stayed in Friday night to hang out with my cousin and finally watch "Despicable Me."

Followed by an epically bad Saturday night where I lost my phone and wallet. Lesson learned: in the midst of all the fun, remember your friends and only get crazy when they are around.

We redeemed ourselves with Sunday night karaoke at Detroit Bar and a late night talk with my friend Vanessa. I did Beyonce's "Irreplaceable," LeAnn Rimes "How Do I Live," and Sisqo's "The Thong Song." Surprisingly, "How Do I Live" went best.

Well, it's off to the last few days of work with these MARVELOUS sillies!

This week: homework and relax, maybe in San Diego.

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  1. Looks like you've had a marvelous time. Love morning workouts and coconut water too, but I can't sing at all. Sorry for the loss of your phone and wallet, hope all is well now.