Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIAW: Until next year

Happy Hump Day! I'm heading to yoga in a few minutes after a few days off working out and then going to work for a few hours. :(

Sunday night karaoke at The Detroit Bar, which is wonderfully retro.

I didn't even drink. Not after the night before.

Dark picture, but my cleavage is looking fantastic - need more of these bras!

Breakfast find: Chobani key lime!

Potluck at work with the 2013 Pirate Crew

My favorite food competitor contributed vegan shiitake mushroom jerky and vegan apricot-pecan oatmeal cookies that I hoarded home, and my family polished off!

Shooting our 2nd annual parody music video and having fun.

Ryan on the unicycle.

Gift from my office mate, a tribute to our music video:

After 2 months in the office and tons of conversations, she gave me the best gift ever. Let me explain: the ultimate thing a guy can do is make me banana pancakes... because I bought into the Jack Johnson song, and she talked to me about The 5 Love Languages, which quite a few of my friends have read.

My boss got me swizzle sticks. Haha.

Everyone got a mug with our signatures on it. :)

Ryan, just climbing a tree. I'm going to miss him most!

We were so tired, we could hardly speak during break time.

They know me so well, like how I only like the meat sauce from the bottom of the lasagna.

The finished product:

Good bye and until next year, maybe.

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  1. So much fun! I want to try a unicycle ... although I'd probably fail miserably. Haha!