Monday, August 5, 2013

MIMM: Recap of last week

Happy August! Can you believe it?

I just woke up after a marathon 11 hours of sleep... and I could have slept more!

Here's a recap of last week:

MARVELOUS Monday dinner and hang out with co-workers at Pizzeria Mozza

Tried bone marrow but wasn't a fan

Nancy's Chopped Salad, which was pretty disappointing

Tuesday: worked/watched people set up new tables and did homework

Reminds me of the Outer Banks trip of 2010 with Yancey and Drew. MARVELOUS. Paradise.

MARVELOUS vintage airline pieces

Wednesday: worked, napped maybe, happy hour and karaoke

Yoga after work is MARVELOUSLY calming

Crossroads at House of Blues - Ness was so good singing The Beatles' "Oh Darling"

Becca & I sang Grease's MARVELOUS "Summer Nights" with Lawrence

MARVELOUS girls' night

Thursday: went to work, worked out, watched 4 MARVELOUS episodes of "Dexter" with a new friend :)

Friday: worked, went to the fair (which is work) with friends and on a semi set up, tried to hang out with other friends who also went to the fair but failed to find them, went to a small gathering, and then chatted philosophically until 3 A.M.

Saturday: worked a busy day filled with 840 cupcakes on 3.5 hours of sleep, cancelled plans for other plans, those other plans changed, did homework instead which is probably what I should've been doing

No more cupcakes after this

Christy made me a MARVELOUS bouquet of coffee filter peonies... and they won't die!

Sunday: work, take my not so MARVELOUS midterm (non-negotiable because it's due!)

Sadly, my Monday will be filled with no-so-MARVELOUS errands and homework, as I've put them aside long enough. :(


  1. Busy busy! The bone marrow thing is getting trendy. I'm curious!!

    1. It's fatty. That's pretty much it. We ate it on bread and with sea salt.

  2. The bone marrow does NOT sound appealing... don't blame you for not liking it. ;)
    Sounds like a pretty marvelous, fun weekend!! :)