Saturday, January 29, 2011

Until Valentine's Day, I need to get my hot body



What's going on Valentine's Day? I have no clue. I think I may take myself to Nine Mile for dinner with zucchini instead of pasta.

Not only will this save my body, it'll save me money.

A few add ons to my list this year.

It's a beautiful morning, finally and it's enough so that I can comfortably walk around in shorts instead of running around so my legs don't freeze.

For this week, I'm working on cutting out sweets except fruit of course. :) I can do it if I want my hot bod. My belly looks huge AGAIN. It must be the nibbling.

I resolved to try a few new things this year. There's also a recap.
  • Try belly dancing/Bollywood dancing
  • Take an MMA training class
  • Participate in the gingerbread house contest at the Grove Park Inn
Specific events

I want to volunteer more, and this is fun.

I can't really get into Girls on the Run because of the hours, but I can surely make an Artful Bra for the Artful Bra Challenge due April 5th.

Another # on my list.

On my list of 23 things to do at 23: a 5K. Here's one on April 30th.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 2 of Transformation 2011

Week 1
Weight - 129.6
Chest - 31
Waist - 28.5
Hips - 36
Thigh - 20.5
Body Fat % - 25.5%

Week 2
Weight - 129.2
Chest - 31
Waist - 28
Hips - 36
Thigh - 20
Body Fat % - 24.4%

I haven't lost any weight and the inches haven't changed much either but look at the body fat percentage! Even if the machine is wrong, it still shows a decrease! :)

On another note, I'm off again for no reason. I didn't even expect a 2 hour delay but here it is. I thought snow would start tomorrow.

9:35 Zumba
10:35 yoga
4 yoga
5 hoops
6 step/tone
[7 tai chi]
[8 Zumba]

I might do the night classes even though I'm already doing a ton this morning because I decided on a mushroom, lettuce, and fried green tomato sandwich without the bread. I only ate half the filling, half my cucumber/tomato salad, and a bit of corn puddin'. I couldn't resist stopping by 12 Bones now that they're back open.

I think I'll return "Nip/Tuck" and get a couple more to watch before yoga again.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quickie: Transformation 2011 update!

I'm up to 20 group fitness classes since Monday. I have power yoga this afternoon and 3 classes tomorrow.

Because of a snow day yesterday, I had the chance to go to boot camp and spin. I worked through more pain and did better. I dripped in sweat which is all I can ask of myself. Soon I will conquer my fear of spin.

The day started off on a bad note because I weighed myself... :( I did not lose weight. Then I didn't do well at first in step. Step is always so hard because I'm no good at the steps and can't traverse the equipment very well with my short legs. However, it got better and I rocked weights class. I added weights in almost every set!

It's official!

I've officially entered Cupcakes for Cures! Of course I entered as an amateur baker and I picked a special occasion in February... that's all I can tell you for now. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Applying 10 workout tricks

Women's Health Magazine posted 10 workout tricks, which I read and thought about. Here's how I'm applying them to my life or how they work thus far.
  • Make It Cost You I already pay for the gym. I went to hot yoga like 4 or 5 times when it was unlimited. I don't think I need to pay for it when it's offered at the community yoga center. Personal trainers are far too expensive by the way. One of them is super cute, not ridiculously buff, and just seems like a funny guy... I'd pay for him if I could.
  • Rise to the Occasion So far this hasn't been a problem. I'm going to try to wake up for AM "Shred," but nighttime is better for me since it prevents me from doing nothing at night... or eating.
  • Have a "Lazy Day" Backup Plan Hopefully I won't have lazy days. I have DVDs. I'm doing "30 Day Shred" in the morning for 20 minutes, but I should always have at least 40 minutes to do "No More Trouble Zones."
  • Keep a Log Red X's when I don't work out make me feel bad, but I want to be positive. I'll get out my huge dry erase calendar and mark days I work out. :)
  • Bribe Yourself I can't bribe myself with food, which is what I like most. Pedicures don't work for me because I don't see a point in paying to sit there. I prefer to DIY. So... next?
  • Dress the Part My shorts don't seem big, but they make my bottom look huge. I want a pair of tiny shorts like Bikram side-tie shorts and a good set of tops. When I look good, I feel good and perform better.

    (Mikaela Side String Short from Mika Yogawear)
  • Buddy Up Alex joined the gym so I'll have a buddy for some classes. Whenever I have a pal, I always perform better. I'm also making friends in class who will wonder where I was if I don't make it and when I heard one girl asking about spin class, I said I'd do it with her! :)
  • Keep Your iPod Fresh I'm working on having more music in my life. Although, I sing along to songs and feel the music in class. It really helps, especially in dance class of course.
  • Steer Clear of the Scale I'm getting weighed in once a week for the challenge, but I've avoided the scale. My 130 this year looks different from last year.
  • Shake Things Up I'm only going to classes. I need things to look forward to and the elliptical wasn't cutting it. I need to be social.

Last hurrah baking: Babycakes NYC cookbook

The owner, Amanda, of Bake it Pretty let me borrow her copy of Babycakes NYC. I decided to bake quite a bit. After the initial cost of garbanzo-fava flour, arrowroot, potato starch, agave nectar, and spelt flour, baking isn't too difficult. The recipes call for quite a bit of coconut oil, but the book gives substitutions in the form of any other oil really. Anyways, it kind of weirds me out that coconut oil is solid at room temperature. Isn't that bad for you like fat that solidifies at room temp? I forget, but I won't worry about it now. I hear coconut oil is good for thyroid functioning.

I started with the vanilla frosting. I made the recipe twice because I froze it the first time and it just didn't work. The second time, it failed to solidify enough so I had more of a sauce with chunks of solid coconut oil. Again, gross.

First, I tried red velvet cupcakes before I bought all the others flours. It only calls for spelt. Somehow it was crumbly and hard. Maybe because I used cane sugar instead of agave though it's allowed.

I've been eating biscuits from Posana but thought I could make my own spelt biscuits. Spelt, apparently, is easier for digestion. They didn't quite rise.

Day 2, I tried again with agave nectar. I went on a rampage.

Vanilla cupcakes turned out good warm. The texture was different from the red velvet cupcakes and the recipe was totally different too. However, they tasted strange when cooled.

When I went to Babycakes NYC in LA, I tried a few things - not the cupcake - but I loved the chocolate chip cookies. The recipe was easy and the cookies ended up being my favorite! I added it to my repertoire of recipes.

Brownie gems turned out moist. Because it uses cocoa powder, I found that the taste is rather bitter... more so than dark chocolates even.

I enjoy the little stories before each recipe. Martha Stewart had Erin McKenna teach her how to make apple cinnamon toasties. Mine didn't turn out as crumbly as I expected. I toasted them again as recommended. They were better but not much.

I even made the hot chocolate recipe since I was in the mood for something warm. It was okay... too dark and bitter also (like the brownies).

As recommended by Bob Harper... (Dr. Oz too!)

I loved the advice article from pro trainers in Women's Health. I found Ashley Borden and foam rolling in the article. I also read about the benefits of spinning, which I'm to do tomorrow with a gym buddy. Spinning is a pain so I must do it.

Bob Harper suggested GG Scandinavian bran crispbreads. There's not many in a pack, but you don't need many of them - only 2 and you're full. Taste-wise, not bad. They are considered appetite control crackers and it works or at least, psychologically, I can believe it.

Week 1 of Transformation 2011

Monday, Jan 17
b- Scandinavian bran crispbread w/ 1/2 cheese wedge
l- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
s- apple, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie
d- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
workouts- 8:30 weights, 9:35 Zumba, 10:35 yoga, 4 yoga, 5 hoops, 6 step/tone

Tuesday, Jan 18
b- Greek yogurt w/ 1/2 banana
l- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
s- apple
d- Fiber One w/ Silk almond milk & berries
workouts- 6 spin, 7:05 step, 7:35 yoga

Wednesday, Jan 19
b- bran crackers (2) w/ 1/2 cheese wedge & 1/2 banana
l- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
s- apple
d- Fiber One w/ Silk almond milk & berries
workouts- 6 kickbox, 7 abs, 7:35 yoga

Thursday, Jan 20
b- strawberries & blackberries pureed on 2 bran crispbreads
l- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
s- apple
d- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
workouts- 6 weights, 7 turbokick

Friday, Jan 21
b- strawberries & blackberries pureed on 2 bran crispbreads
l- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
s- apple
d- shirataki noodles
workouts- 6:30 hip hop, 7:30 Zumba

Saturday, Jan 22
b- bran crispbreads w/ cheese wedge
l- tortilla w/ hummus, kale, spinach, tomatoes, & portobello
s- fruit of some sort
d- Turkish eggs
workouts- 8:30 step, 9:30 weights, 12:30-2 hot flow yoga, 4 yoga

Sunday, Jan 23
b- bran crispbreads w/ cheese wedge
l- strawberry shortcake
s- apple
workouts- 9:30 spin, 4 Zumba, 5:30 yoga

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A warmer Saturday

Step class, Rush Power, now food over at Beans & Berries (1/2 pesto bagel w/ south of the border cream cheese, tomato and sprouts). Then I'll gorge more on food around town and the Wellness Event at Earthfare West.

I would go downtown today, but I'm not really in the mood.

Hot yoga at 4:30.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Recipe: GF Pumpkin Fig Bars with Vanilla Coco-Nut Icing

Good idea!

And this is all you have to do...

(via The Scootabaker)

30 Day Shred, level 1

Yesterday, I went to weights and turbokick classes but didn't wake up early enough for hot yoga so instead, I did 20 minutes of the 30 Day Shred, the first level.

I've never done side lunges. And lifting weights, even 5 pounders, without.

Today I went for a bagel with veggies again though I split it up for brunch and dinner. I ended up going to boot camp class and step class but skipped out on yoga or hip hop at night. :( Instead, I baked as you can see from the last post. Oh no... I must only bake once a week and hit at least 14 hours of working out.

Recipe: Thai Coconut Bread Pudding with Vanilla Cardamom Cream

Gluten-free/vegetarian for the most part

I mentioned possibly that I may have some digestive problems. I look(ed) 9 months pregnant! So I decided to do something about it by cutting out meat - it's hard to digest. Not a problem since I don't eat a ton of meat anyways. I was trying to because I thought I needed more protein. Then I cut out gluten because most of my diet involves gluten - I love baked goods. So that was tough since I no longer get to bake... once a week I do though! :) I decided to give Babycakes NYC's banana bread recipe another try now that I'm at home and have all the ingredients. I even went out to buy xanthan gum.

After looking for recipes, I decided on the banana bread laced with chopped Chuao coffee and anise chocolate.

With some red tea and a slice of banana bread, I'm completely and utterly full. Now I must work it off...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work without the kids

Optional workday yesterday and I had a huge breakfast burrito from West Village Market. I got some tea for lunch and then an apple and fruits/nuts for dinner.

My workout consisted of sculpt, kickboxing, and abs. I was the hardest worker in kickboxing! :) Turbokick with Alex tonight.

I joined the Transformation 2011 challenge and got my stats. It's kind of disturbing. For some reason, I have a high body fat percentage but Yancey says I was supposed to squeeze the machine. Oops.

Weight - 129.6
Chest - 31
Waist - 28.5
Hips - 36
Thigh - 20.5
Body Fat % - 25.5%

Weight - 117
Chest - doesn't matter since I'm pretty low here
Waist - 25
Hips - doesn't matter to me
Thigh - not sure I can control that either
Body Fat % - 20%

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The best bedtime music

I'm trying to listen to more music. I've never been into music. I know that's strange since everyone loves music. I only ever listened to it in the car. With working out though, I have to start enjoying music.

Though, right now I'm going through my "sleep" playlist. I should rename it "bedtime" cause it sounds cuter. Anyways, Jack Johnson is definitely on my sleepytime (better name?) playlist. Everything is tranquil.

Also, it reminds me of a certain someone who used to play this before falling asleep too.

Another favorite, Maroon 5. Not sure if I consider them sleepytime music.

Gym reopened on day off #2

Brunch - Roots Cafe thai wrap that I got on sale from West Village and Deli
Dinner - Fiber One w/ Silk almond milk, 1/2 banana, and dried fruits/nuts

2-3:30PM - hot yoga
Went home to get sneakers because I saw that the gym was open and roads were especially clear so I knew they'd have classes
4:30-5PM - foam roller/myofascial release in which another guy came in to do the same so I asked him about it - yay for learning
5-5:50PM - Zumba
6-6:50PM - Weights class

Happy body: Left shoulder has been strained, but for some reason, I was able to lift more today and do the T extensions with medium sized (2.5 kg) weights! :)

Oh yes, I decided to get Jillian Michaels' The 30-Day Shred video. I picked it up from Barnes & Noble. When I got there, I found out that it's buy 2, get the 3rd free so I also got Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones" and Bob Harper's "Inside Out Method: Body Rev Cardio Conditioning." I chose these based on reviews from Fit Bottomed Girls. These will be great for snow days, holidays, travel, and Sunday mornings when there's only spin! I'll review them as I go.

I'm also excited to mention that I'm planning to join Transformation 2011 at my gym. It's a contest, but basically, I'm joining because I'm up for a challenge. I realized I like to challenge my body and see what it can do for the most part... without killing myself of course. I don't back down from challenges, but mostly, I hate feeling like I'm not capable. I may not win the 90-day challenge though they say they'll take into account the following:
  • weight
  • body fat percentage
  • amount of classes I attend
  • whenever I work out at the gym overall
  • inches maybe?
I'm doubtful I'll win if it's all about weight since I don't have much below my weight. I know there are a lot of fatter people... I'm not that insane. I think I'm above where I should be though and that's where body fat percentage comes in. I'd like to know where I am and lose body fat and inches. This will keep me accountable and make sure I go to classes. No more machines! And if no classes, I can do my new DVDs! :)

Workday tomorrow so I'll be in from 9-4 thanks to Yancey's car. He'll be back tomorrow too!

Jillian Michaels's Body Makeover Tip-a-Day Makeover:

Jillian Michaels's Body Makeover Tip-a-Day Makeover:

Day off #2

I really enjoyed watching Nip/Tuck last night!

Anyways, I woke up this morning and my bottom was in pain. Good! There's hot yoga at noon but I'll go later when they announce their special class time. Apparently, there's alternative route to the place so I'll have to find it. The gym is closed again.

Right now, I'm at Old Europe. Oh this is only after unsuccessfully shoveling my car out. It budged, but one of the rear tires is just stuck in mud so it probably won't come down anytime soon. Instead, I took my roommate's car. The roads are fine.

Next up, walking around downtown then to West Asheville before going to grab my things for hot yoga.

I'm looking into a Beach Body product. They're quite expensive. I'm thinking ChaLEAN Extreme, which my friend has, or Turbo Jam.

Tonight, I'll do the Burn It Up workout from Slim in 6. I'd do Billy Blanks' video, but I don't like the atmosphere... strange I know.

I kind of want the Jillian Michaels/Body Harper videos. I wonder if Walmart or Target stocks them. I'll try to make it there today.

I'll start sending more mail this way...

(via Design Crush)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day off #1

I didn't make it to hot yoga. Instead, I got stuck up the hill, but nice folks got me down. I left and went to get food at Viva Deli. I had an onion bagel with

Then I came home and ate a fiber tortilla with PB and took a nap. All I did was eat so I woke up, worked out to Slim in 6, the older version (did the Ramp it Up today because I wanted to look at different people). I've done this DVD quite often and I still sweat a little. The Burn it Up, the last of the 3-step program, really burns your bottom whereas the second one, Ramp it Up, is a lighter version that requires a bit of arm endurance.

Then did Billy Blanks' Celebrity Tae Bo. Billy asked, "Are you a superstar?" Why yes Billy, I am. The video is a little silly now. He shows each move once slow then you do it double time/super fast even I can't keep up with all of it.

I even tried Kelly Osborne's workout. At the beginning of last week, I wasn't even able to do the up/down planks, but I could do it today. Overall, I sweated a little. I'll need to do more.

Yesterday, hot yoga made me appreciate my arms. Today, I loved staring at my fingernails. I got to paint them last night because school's out and they won't get ruined. I chose plum passion for my fingers and redid my bubble gum toes. :)

I walked over to Flick Video to rent movies, but they lost my membership. Good thing since I owed $8 on it. They have a better selection than Redbox and it isn't too far. Plus, I had to pick up my phone cable from the car stuck halfway up the hill to my house by the way. Anyways, I had to walk back to get a second set of ID. I could feel my bottom as I walked up the hill twice.

I love Marla Sokoloff ever since "Full House."

Probably why 3 of the 5 movies I rented include her: "Love on the Side," "Play the Game," and "Christmas in Boston."

"Love on the Side" is awesome. She's fat. It's a good movie for me because being fat is more of a state of mind. I don't care much about love nowadays, but I like the overall confidence she gains.

The other 2 are discs 1 & 2 of "Nip/Tuck."

My car is stuck, but hopefully a nice person will get me out so I can work out.

Will I make it home?

To avoid spinning class, I joined Bikram hot yoga for $20 for the first week. I went twice yesterday because it really energized me. My second session was after Zumba of course. So far so good until today when the classes were canceled and then they even closed the gym. Thankfully, there's hot yoga at noon.

I left the house because it was getting ridiculous. I woke up hungry for the green tea pomegranate pancake from Boca. So I think I'm a tad gluten intolerant. I felt bloated afterwards, or maybe it's because I ate 2 pancakes and 1/2 a downtown salad. Then I trekked downtown to Old Europe for coffee. In a few minutes, I'm going to brave the snow for hot yoga. I don't know if I can make it up the hill to the studio or not, but I will try or walk.

The snow is coming down steadily and it's endless. I hate it. It's great because school's off, but there's not much to do. I was hoping to get a bunch of gym classes in, but that won't happen and I'm definitely too lazy for much else. :(

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another one from Une-deux senses

I've seen a lot of matcha green tea recipes and could not locate any matcha until I went to Dobra Tea downtown (they have a matcha green tea cheesecake!). They had some, but I found that Greenlife/Whole Foods also stocks them also. Since I stopped baking, I haven't bought any, but it's on my list since I have a huge repertoire of matcha green tea baking recipes.

Green tea and strawberry cupcakes

More matcha green tea

Discovered: Une-deux senses

I found some amazing recipes over at Une-deux senses. I'm gathering inspiration from the recipe index such as chai-spiced pancakes. Chai anything has caught my eye especially in the cold winter.

In addition, she does reviews. I'm surprised I've never heard of Bottega Louie. The prices seem right and the food looks amazing.

In that salt shaker is pink Himalayan salt. I'm definitely doing that especially since Himalayan salt isn't too expensive like fleur de sel.

The cupcakes look amazing too!

Week 2 to-dos, meal/workout plan, goals

  • Plan meals.
  • Put away dishes and do dishes.
  • Pay West Hollywood parking ticket.
  • Pay water bill.
  • Paint nails Saturday! :) 2 coats of bubble gum pink but my toesies are too cold to leave out for a top coat right now...
  • Try a new vegetarian recipe.
  • Buy a new fruit to try.
  • Grocery shop Sunday.
  • Finish Hungry by Crystal Renn.
  • breakfast: apple w/ PB
  • lunch: shirataki noodles, egg, spinach, something to make it taste like ramen :)
  • snack: apple
  • dinner: Fiber One, Silk almond milk, fruit
  • workout: 6 kickbox, 7 abs, 7:30 yoga
  • breakfast: apple w/ PB
  • lunch: portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, etc.
  • snack: apple
  • dinner: Fiber One, Silk almond milk, fruit
  • workout: 6 Rush Power, 7 turbokick
Friday (work 7:30-3:30)
  • breakfast: apple w/ PB
  • lunch: portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, etc.
  • snack: apple
  • dinner: buckwheat yogurt pancake w/ chai spices

  • workout: 4:30 kickbox, 5:30 yoga, 6:30 hip hop
  • breakfast: 1/2 apple
  • lunch: green tea pomegranate pancake from Boca
  • snack: 1/2 apple
  • dinner: finish breakfast :)
  • workout: 8:30 step, 9:30 Rush Power, 12:30-2 hot yoga at community center, 4 power yoga

Resolutions by year, this month, this week

  • Eat more fiber.
  • Limit sugar even 0 calorie ones
  • Eat fruit for snack and as a sugar fix
  • Eat more nuts
  • Cut out coffee. Drink tea every morning, drink tea every night (caffeine free).
  • Treat exercise as fun not a chore
  • Make exercise a part of my daily life, a habit
  • Go to classes including stretching, weights, and cardio
  • Don't make it impossible to do with a job or other life situations
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Only eat out once a week
  • Vegetarianism
  • Gluten-free
  • Paint nails every week
  • Read 2 books
This week
  • Go to every class available
  • Take one day off (Saturday) but still do something

Power and yoga

I've tried a few yoga classes. Well, mostly hot yoga and general yoga.

Power yoga was great. It's a little more intense than regular yoga but not as crazy as hot yoga. Actually, I'd like to find a spot to do hot yoga since it's cold right now. Since I lost weight, I get colder. Maybe that or I have some other type of problem. Who knows. Anyways, I loved it. I felt energized after.

Staring at my body in the mirror, I saw the trouble spots but I also recognized that they will go away with some hard work. Just one week of fun classes and I've already started seeing definition in my legs again. :) I also like the soreness I feel because my body's changing once again.

The question for the new year at my gym is "What motivates you?" My answer: Confidence in a strong body.

It's not about how I look. When I worked out quite a bit, I didn't care what I wore for other people. I wore gym clothes and when I did wear nicer clothes, I wore it for me. I don't wear things that hide the trouble zones like trapeze tops. I hate those so much. I also hate belts above the belly. Though I may look better to others, it constricts me and makes my belly feel huge. It's about how I feel, not how I look.

Reason to eat well: get rid of belly fat and get hit on at the gym. I rarely think I'm getting hit on unless it's super obvious. Most people are friendly or just drunk.

I'm waiting for clothes to dry and then go rollerskating. I haven't been since middle school so I'm pretty excited! It'll be a good workout too.

(Less than) 100 things

  1. Get down to 115 pounds, and maintain.
  2. Wear a size 3-5.
  3. Drive a sporty but environmentally friendly car.
  4. Wear a 2-piece bikini.
  5. Paddleboard.
  6. Rollerskate/blade.
  7. Change my oil.
  8. Work as a teacher’s assistant.
  9. Run/bike a 5K.
  10. Play on an intramural/community team.
  11. Buy a Mac desktop.
  12. Visit Portland, Oregon.
  13. Visit Austin, TX.
  14. Live in Atlanta, GA.
  15. Go to the Iowa State Fair.
  16. Visit Savannah, GA.
  17. Visit Vietnam.
  18. Visit Toronto/Quebec.
  19. Visit Denver.
  20. Keep a design blog.
  21. Redo my closet.
  22. Keep a written journal.
  23. Become a group fitness instructor
  24. Teach high school history.
  25. Get my grad degree.
  26. Attain a middle school license.
  27. Visit Palm Springs.
  28. Learn Spanish, and use it!
  29. Go to an MMA event.
  30. Live in Oakland.
  31. Visit New York again.
  32. Visit Chicago.
  33. Visit Boston.
  34. Bake doughnuts.
  35. Own and watch all of “I Love Lucy.”
  36. Ride a bike for a summer as my primary means of transportation.
  37. Visit London.
  38. Take care of my mom.
  39. Get my teeth fixed. Braces.
  40. Grow a garden.
  41. Compost.
  42. Paint/draw.
  43. DIY all my pillows.
  44. Work in the history field.
  45. Work at a local establishment.
  46. Visit Salt Lake City.
  47. Visit Santa Fe/Albuquerque.
  48. Watch a hockey game in person.
  49. Raise a child, even if it’s not my own.
  50. Fall in love.
  51. Decorate a home.
  52. Own a home.
  53. Visit the Great Barrier Reef.
  54. Habitat for Humanity
  55. Enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  56. Visit Philly.
  57. Visit Hawaii.
  58. Snowboard.
  59. Skateboard.
  60. Plan a wedding.
  61. Make madelines.
  62. Visit Miami.
  63. Go apple pickin'.
  64. Visit Mayberry.
  65. Visit Greece.
  66. Have wine in Napa Valley.
  67. Make faux sheepskin cloud rug.
  68. Drive PCH/US 1.
  69. Make a quilt.
  70. Throw a block party.
  71. Go to a Backstreet Boys concert.
  72. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  73. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center.
  74. See the pyramids in Egypt.
  75. See Machu Picchu in Peru.
  76. Dress up and go to a Renaissance Fair.
  77. Ride in a gondola in Venice.
  78. Visit Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry Hotel.
  79. Visit one of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses.

23 to do at 23

I made this list over at listography and haven't revisited it yet. I'm almost halfway to 24.
  1. Bake donuts or croissants.
  2. Become a group fitness instructor.
  3. Blog for a year.
  4. Get a contracted, real job.
  5. Get my car inspected.
  6. Get my U.S. and world history plans set up and ready to go.
  7. Go camping for a night.
  8. Go on an actual, real date.
  9. Go to the doctor/dentist for yearly checkups.
  10. Go to the gym 6 times a week. Two hours a day of activity.
  11. Keep a food journal.
  12. Keep a written journal. About my feelings, and just about anything else I want. Pay off my credit card.
  13. Learn something new. Anything.
  14. Make something I talked about.
  15. Oh yes, get down to 115. Get back down to 115.
  16. Put aside $100/month for a desktop Mac.
  17. Read a book every two weeks.
  18. Revamp my closet. Paint my toenails every week.
  19. Run/bike a 5K.
  20. Sell stuff I don’t want – i.e. garage sale.
  21. Set aside $100+/month to pay off student loans, or begin.
  22. Take real before & after pictures once I hit 115.
  23. Visit Savannah, GA.

Snowed in? No way.

It's snowing AGAIN. Classes were canceled. I guess I needed the morning off. Tonight I'll do a little since I have worked out a lot this week and my body is kind of asking for a break. Hopefully yoga is still on this afternoon.

Instead, I shall do the following, but I need more!
  • Get coffee
  • Get brunch
  • Library if they're open

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Dinner Party Trend: Pie Is the New Cupcake:

2011 Dinner Party Trend: Pie Is the New Cupcake:

Snow day plan

Oh the snow keeps going. If I can get out of my house I'd be glad. I really don't have a lot to do at home so I'll be bored out of my mind.
  • Slim in 6 video workout xs 2
  • Random workout routines that I find online (Ashley Borden's and the Kelly Osborne one I posted)
  • Hula hooping
  • Celebrity Fit Taebo
It's the weekend so I'm not glad for snow. Actually, I'm done with snow if it cancels school. I want to have late starts and early releases, but if we have workdays, we have to make them up for the kids. :(

Day 6 and in need of a back-up plan for tomorrow.

No snow but we got a 2 hour delay. I woke up early to go to boot camp and step classes. Then off to work, a 15-minute break, and found out that kids were getting dismissed at 1:30. Except for my darling, all the kids got picked up by 1:30 when their parents didn't get notified until 1 or after. I'm glad they did though. We had to stay till 3:30 though, which gave me ample time to hit up kickboxing and yoga. I even stayed for hip hop, which became Zumba because the instructor couldn't make it. Okay, so the last class was a joke because I didn't do very much.

  • Breakfast - 1/2 apple, green tea
  • Lunch - 1 c. butternut squash
  • Snack - 1 apple
  • Dinner - 1 package (2 servings) Tofu House Shirataki noodles w/ 1/2 serving (1 tbsp) The Heat is On PB and lime juice; Ole Extreme Wellness Fiber tortilla w/ 1/2 serving (1 tbsp) Sunland banana PB and blueberries
  • 8:30AM - boot camp in which I used kettlebells, worked on my biceps/triceps, and did lots of squats
  • 9:30AM - step class... I need more to get used to them
  • 4:30PM - kickboxing!
  • 5:30PM - yoga
Proud moments
  • I learned to use a kettlebell!

  • I tried my hardest with leaps in kickboxing.
  • Yoga felt awesome because the instructor is funny and earthy.
  • I felt all the workouts today during yoga.
Now it is snowing and accumulating quite a bit. I need a back-up plan for working out tomorrow. I was going to try step, weights, and yoga if I can make it, but it's kind of doubtful... :/

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ashley Borden for 2011

11 Fitness Finds You Need for 2011 | Care, Tips, Organic Beauty for Skin, Skincare, Make Up, Pregnancy | Endless Beauty Media

Let's try foam rolling

I read an article in Women's Health and loved the tip from Ashley Borden to avoid "mirror" syndrome in which you only train what you see. I don't like what I'm seeing in the front but my backside and sides look okay, which is kind of weird, but in any case, she also advocates the use of a foam roller for myofascial release. I tried it out the other day for a bit. Now I'm reading about it and watching videos on it.

Apparently, it can get rid of fat knees. Yes, that is a problem I have that I never knew I really did. When I was thin, it wasn't a big concern though they were kind of large. I want to be even and balanced rather than dense in some areas and soft in others.

In addition to working with the foam roller tomorrow, I want her book, The Perfect Fit.

Dreaming of baking: matcha spelt rolls

I can't bake, but I can still look. Also, working out takes lots of energy and I don't have the urge to bake anymore... especially since I almost burned down my aunt's house when I tried to in California.

Not just regular breakfast rolls, but matcha spelt rolls with bittersweet chocolate filling and almond icing.

The employees at the healthy grocery stores are confused about matcha when I ask for it. It's just green tea powder. Thankfully the new teahouse in Asheville, Dobra, has it for sale. It's kind of expensive (~$15). They also had them at Whole Foods in California but not here.

As I grow up...

Green has become my favorite color. Gold used to scare me (as tacky), but I like it now. I may like it more than silver even...

[image via Creature Comforts]

Why did I buy SPICY PB?

I once encountered a jar of The Heat is On peanut butter while at the beach last summer. I didn't buy it because spicy peanut butter is weird, but I bought it when I spotted it at Bristol Farms in Newport Beach. It's way too spicy to just eat by itself. Thankfully, I found a recipe on the Peanut Butter & Company website for soba noodles. I'll use shirataki noodles instead.

Day 5, and a bit of day 4

I've decided to post what I eat and how I worked out everyday. Hope this isn't too boring. I'll add in my feelings.

So far so good this week. I started Sunday with a spin class. Geez, I'll need to add more of those to be less scared. I can't be scared!

Breakfast - 8:45AM Honeycrisp apple
Lunch - 12:25PM 1 c. oven baked butternut squash with seasonings and coconut oil
Snack - 5:20PM Honeycrisp apple
Dinner - 8:30PM 2 servings (1 c.) Fiber One bran cereal, 1 c. Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla, 1/2 Honeycrisp, 1/2 c. blueberries/strawberries

Workout - 10 mins elliptical machine; 6pm weights class; 7pm turbokick

I felt able to lift a little more today and the abs portion of the weights class worked better. Yesterday's 20 or so minute ab class was hard after kickboxing. It mostly hurt my lower back. Tonight, it hit more of my lower abdomen.

The first part of turbokick was killer, but I gained momentum. The first few knees hurt my calves until I warmed them up a little more. Yesterday, in kickboxing, I was dying by the end, but I had energy after tonight. Was it not enough tonight? Maybe. I wasn't sweating as much even though I gave it my all. In any case, I need to leap side to side better and learn how to do tricep push ups someday. Even at my best, I could not do any of them!

Proud moments - Yesterday, I was proud of myself for leaping high during kickboxing. :) Today, I was glad I kept going at it during breaks.

I'm already starting to feel my legs getting stronger again. Squats and lunges are still tough; I need to feel those more in my bottom and less in my legs.

Though I started out slow, I felt like I could keep going if I had to. I'm not going to overextend myself so much though. That was a problem for me before.

I'm still a fat person inside so I can't leave food at the house. I'll have to go grocery shopping A LOT. I'm out of apples and fruit already and I just bought some 2 days ago. I'll need more of that, Greek yogurt, and Almond Breeze.

Dreamer, a story

So now that the holidays are over and it's a new year, I can't hide it any longer. The dreamer in me needs to come back. The baker and crafter that came out during the holidays will be on the backburner because baking made me fat too. I know no one believes it. I gained 15 pounds over 2-3 months. A new job meant less sleep and more stress so I gained weight. That was part of it. The other part was the hobby of baking instead of the hobby of working out. I also got bored of working out when I lacked time to go to classes and the classes became dull.

Reasons I gained back the weight:
  • Baking instead of working out
  • Too little sleep
  • Too much stress from a new job
  • Thought I had no time to work out; had to rush to classes if I went
  • My abilities exceeded classes or I got bored
  • Classes took much longer than cardio machines so I just did those
Well, what happened? Last January, I weighed 130 pounds as I weighed at the end of the year. It went slowly from January through March or so. In May and June, I kicked it up for a short while and worked out maybe 5 or more hours each day. I don't know how I did it. Who would have thought that a formerly obese person (185 pounds) could work out so much. Anyways, I lost tons of weight with working out and an eating plan. My body was solid though I didn't recognize it at the time.

What I had done to lose it?
  • Two-three months of at least 5 hours of working out
  • Eating in and counting calories really well. Cooking for myself makes counting easier
  • Lots of apples and PB, which I stopped eating because of all the fat
So here I am at square not 1 but set back a little. 130 pounds looks a little different. I thought I was pregnant because my belly looked ridiculously large. My mom made me go to the doctor and get an ultrasound too. No one else believed me - friends are too nice.

Why I don't want to be where I am?
  • The flab in my legs, belly, and arms
  • Not wanting to go anywhere though I was so busy with working out I never went anywhere much anyways
  • Wearing clothes, buying clothes
  • Feeling strong: I don't want to work out 5+ hours a day anymore, but I want to feel strong like I could
How am I going to do it?

  • Because I may have a digestion problem, I'm limiting carbs (gluten). I'm a carb queen so this will be a tad tough when I want some PB&J. I'm mostly just eating fiber-loaded tortillas and Fiber One bran cereal. Also, everyone is gluten intolerant now so maybe I am too. Hah.
  • Eat more fiber.
  • For January, I'm going vegetarian for easier digestion. Go beans!
  • Limit sugar for life even 0 calorie ones
  • Eat fruits for snack and as a sugar fix
  • Eat more nuts
  • Cut out coffee. Drink tea instead.
  • Except for New Year, I haven't drunk any other alcohol since July when I tried a bottle of Canadian beer. Cutting out alcohol has been an easy tactic.
  • Treat exercise as fun not a chore
  • Make exercise a part of my daily life, a habit
  • Embrace the endorphins and feeling good
  • Go to classes including stretching, weights, and cardio
  • Don't make it impossible to do with a job or other life situations
This is the dreamer part of the blog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meal/workout plan Monday

It's freezing in the house right now. I miss California like I always do after a vacation. What's worse is that my roommate is not home yet. He won't be here for another week! :/ So as I get used to being home, I've always resumed working out. My goal is to enjoy working out again. As for nutritional goals, I'm going vegetarian and gluten-free for the month to see how my body responds. I hope well.

brunch: apple pancake from Posana Cafe
snack: tropical fruit, peanut butter
dinner: Fiber One w/ Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, apple
workout: 9:30am spin, 1 hr total cardio, 4pm Zumba, 5:30 yoga

breakfast: yogurt w/ adzuki beans
lunch: kale, black beans, tomato, blueberries
snack: tropical fruits
dinner: Fiber One w/ Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana
workout: Rush Power if I can wake up for it/7:15 video workout, 6pm step/tone, 7pm tai chi

breakfast: yogurt w/ adzuki beans
lunch: kale, black beans, tomato, blueberries
snack: apple
dinner: butternut squash
workout: 6pm Rush Power, 7 step, 7:30 yoga

breakfast: butternut squash
lunch: kale, black beans, tomato, blueberries
snack: adzuki beans
dinner: butternut squash
workout: 6am Rush Power, 6pm kickboxing, 7:30 yoga

breakfast: apple w/ PB
lunch: kale, black beans, tomato, blueberries
snack: apple
dinner: Fiber One w/ Almond Breeze and a banana
workout: 6pm Rush Power, 7 Turbokick

breakfast: adzuki beans, plaintain
lunch: sweet potato, mashed
snack: apple
dinner: shirataki noodles w/ adzuki beans, plaintain
workout: 6:30pm hip hop

brunch: giant salad w/ plantains, nuts, etcetera
dinner: veggie spring rolls
workout: 8:30am step, 9:30 Rush Power, 4 yoga