Monday, January 10, 2011

Day off #1

I didn't make it to hot yoga. Instead, I got stuck up the hill, but nice folks got me down. I left and went to get food at Viva Deli. I had an onion bagel with

Then I came home and ate a fiber tortilla with PB and took a nap. All I did was eat so I woke up, worked out to Slim in 6, the older version (did the Ramp it Up today because I wanted to look at different people). I've done this DVD quite often and I still sweat a little. The Burn it Up, the last of the 3-step program, really burns your bottom whereas the second one, Ramp it Up, is a lighter version that requires a bit of arm endurance.

Then did Billy Blanks' Celebrity Tae Bo. Billy asked, "Are you a superstar?" Why yes Billy, I am. The video is a little silly now. He shows each move once slow then you do it double time/super fast even I can't keep up with all of it.

I even tried Kelly Osborne's workout. At the beginning of last week, I wasn't even able to do the up/down planks, but I could do it today. Overall, I sweated a little. I'll need to do more.

Yesterday, hot yoga made me appreciate my arms. Today, I loved staring at my fingernails. I got to paint them last night because school's out and they won't get ruined. I chose plum passion for my fingers and redid my bubble gum toes. :)

I walked over to Flick Video to rent movies, but they lost my membership. Good thing since I owed $8 on it. They have a better selection than Redbox and it isn't too far. Plus, I had to pick up my phone cable from the car stuck halfway up the hill to my house by the way. Anyways, I had to walk back to get a second set of ID. I could feel my bottom as I walked up the hill twice.

I love Marla Sokoloff ever since "Full House."

Probably why 3 of the 5 movies I rented include her: "Love on the Side," "Play the Game," and "Christmas in Boston."

"Love on the Side" is awesome. She's fat. It's a good movie for me because being fat is more of a state of mind. I don't care much about love nowadays, but I like the overall confidence she gains.

The other 2 are discs 1 & 2 of "Nip/Tuck."

My car is stuck, but hopefully a nice person will get me out so I can work out.

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