Saturday, January 8, 2011

Power and yoga

I've tried a few yoga classes. Well, mostly hot yoga and general yoga.

Power yoga was great. It's a little more intense than regular yoga but not as crazy as hot yoga. Actually, I'd like to find a spot to do hot yoga since it's cold right now. Since I lost weight, I get colder. Maybe that or I have some other type of problem. Who knows. Anyways, I loved it. I felt energized after.

Staring at my body in the mirror, I saw the trouble spots but I also recognized that they will go away with some hard work. Just one week of fun classes and I've already started seeing definition in my legs again. :) I also like the soreness I feel because my body's changing once again.

The question for the new year at my gym is "What motivates you?" My answer: Confidence in a strong body.

It's not about how I look. When I worked out quite a bit, I didn't care what I wore for other people. I wore gym clothes and when I did wear nicer clothes, I wore it for me. I don't wear things that hide the trouble zones like trapeze tops. I hate those so much. I also hate belts above the belly. Though I may look better to others, it constricts me and makes my belly feel huge. It's about how I feel, not how I look.

Reason to eat well: get rid of belly fat and get hit on at the gym. I rarely think I'm getting hit on unless it's super obvious. Most people are friendly or just drunk.

I'm waiting for clothes to dry and then go rollerskating. I haven't been since middle school so I'm pretty excited! It'll be a good workout too.

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