Monday, January 17, 2011

Applying 10 workout tricks

Women's Health Magazine posted 10 workout tricks, which I read and thought about. Here's how I'm applying them to my life or how they work thus far.
  • Make It Cost You I already pay for the gym. I went to hot yoga like 4 or 5 times when it was unlimited. I don't think I need to pay for it when it's offered at the community yoga center. Personal trainers are far too expensive by the way. One of them is super cute, not ridiculously buff, and just seems like a funny guy... I'd pay for him if I could.
  • Rise to the Occasion So far this hasn't been a problem. I'm going to try to wake up for AM "Shred," but nighttime is better for me since it prevents me from doing nothing at night... or eating.
  • Have a "Lazy Day" Backup Plan Hopefully I won't have lazy days. I have DVDs. I'm doing "30 Day Shred" in the morning for 20 minutes, but I should always have at least 40 minutes to do "No More Trouble Zones."
  • Keep a Log Red X's when I don't work out make me feel bad, but I want to be positive. I'll get out my huge dry erase calendar and mark days I work out. :)
  • Bribe Yourself I can't bribe myself with food, which is what I like most. Pedicures don't work for me because I don't see a point in paying to sit there. I prefer to DIY. So... next?
  • Dress the Part My shorts don't seem big, but they make my bottom look huge. I want a pair of tiny shorts like Bikram side-tie shorts and a good set of tops. When I look good, I feel good and perform better.

    (Mikaela Side String Short from Mika Yogawear)
  • Buddy Up Alex joined the gym so I'll have a buddy for some classes. Whenever I have a pal, I always perform better. I'm also making friends in class who will wonder where I was if I don't make it and when I heard one girl asking about spin class, I said I'd do it with her! :)
  • Keep Your iPod Fresh I'm working on having more music in my life. Although, I sing along to songs and feel the music in class. It really helps, especially in dance class of course.
  • Steer Clear of the Scale I'm getting weighed in once a week for the challenge, but I've avoided the scale. My 130 this year looks different from last year.
  • Shake Things Up I'm only going to classes. I need things to look forward to and the elliptical wasn't cutting it. I need to be social.

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