Saturday, January 8, 2011

23 to do at 23

I made this list over at listography and haven't revisited it yet. I'm almost halfway to 24.
  1. Bake donuts or croissants.
  2. Become a group fitness instructor.
  3. Blog for a year.
  4. Get a contracted, real job.
  5. Get my car inspected.
  6. Get my U.S. and world history plans set up and ready to go.
  7. Go camping for a night.
  8. Go on an actual, real date.
  9. Go to the doctor/dentist for yearly checkups.
  10. Go to the gym 6 times a week. Two hours a day of activity.
  11. Keep a food journal.
  12. Keep a written journal. About my feelings, and just about anything else I want. Pay off my credit card.
  13. Learn something new. Anything.
  14. Make something I talked about.
  15. Oh yes, get down to 115. Get back down to 115.
  16. Put aside $100/month for a desktop Mac.
  17. Read a book every two weeks.
  18. Revamp my closet. Paint my toenails every week.
  19. Run/bike a 5K.
  20. Sell stuff I don’t want – i.e. garage sale.
  21. Set aside $100+/month to pay off student loans, or begin.
  22. Take real before & after pictures once I hit 115.
  23. Visit Savannah, GA.

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