Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work without the kids

Optional workday yesterday and I had a huge breakfast burrito from West Village Market. I got some tea for lunch and then an apple and fruits/nuts for dinner.

My workout consisted of sculpt, kickboxing, and abs. I was the hardest worker in kickboxing! :) Turbokick with Alex tonight.

I joined the Transformation 2011 challenge and got my stats. It's kind of disturbing. For some reason, I have a high body fat percentage but Yancey says I was supposed to squeeze the machine. Oops.

Weight - 129.6
Chest - 31
Waist - 28.5
Hips - 36
Thigh - 20.5
Body Fat % - 25.5%

Weight - 117
Chest - doesn't matter since I'm pretty low here
Waist - 25
Hips - doesn't matter to me
Thigh - not sure I can control that either
Body Fat % - 20%

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